From Room Service to Kayaking, Here's How to Splurge on Your Date-Cation

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Every moment counts on a couple's vacay.

ET’s Keltie Knight took a weeklong getaway with her husband to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, at the beautiful Vallarta Bay property of Secrets Resorts & Spas, where she learned how to make the most of a romantic vacation. 

Tip 1: Do All the Things You Can't Do at Home

"There are so many incredible beach activities here at Secrets, all part of the Unlimited Luxury, and today, we are going to take out a kayak," Keltie excitedly explains. "And guess who is going to be doing most of the rowing? This guy!" 

Tip 2: Balance Is Important

After a full day of beach activities in the sun, Keltie and her husband took advantage of the resort's 24-hour room service for a romantic night in. 

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