Gabrielle Union Jokes Her Kids Don't Think She Does Anything But 'Zooms' (Exclusive)

ET spoke to Union at the premiere of her new film, 'Cheaper by the Dozen,' Wednesday.

Gabrielle Union has been in the biz for nearly three decades, but her kids wouldn't know it. ET's Lauren Zima spoke to Union at the premiere of her new film, Cheaper by the Dozen, where she revealed that her kids have hardly seen her on screen.

"They don't think I do anything but Zooms," Union joked of her and husband, Dwayne Wades children. "They have not seen anything. Not a thing. And Zaya was [in] competitive cheerleading. One of her coaches was in Bring It On, still never saw it."

In the Disney+ remake of the 1950s family comedy, Union and Zach Braff play parents, Zoey and Paul Baker, a couple trying to navigate a hectic home life while trying to raise 10 children and manage the family business.

This time around, the kids won't have much of a choice, as Union told ET both Kaavia, 3 and Zaya, 14, were already in the theater getting popcorn and snacks with Wade.

"I mean, I'm gonna watch them watch it now," she said. "It's gonna be interesting."

"In all fairness," Union continued. "The older kids watch Dwayne play basketball, but Kav and Zaya could've cared less."

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Though the movie has yet to hit the streamer, a sequel isn't out of the realm of possibility and Union isn't against it either.

"Let's just say it on the carpet now, so then we kind of pressure them into actually having to do it," the 49-year-old actor quipped. "I think that a sequel will involve us going to, I don't know, Bora Bora perhaps. The Bakers go to Bora Bora."

Earlier in the week, while promoting the film during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Union's co-star and on-screen husband admitted he had no idea who Wade was before the duo began working on the Disney+ film.

"First of all, I knew nothing about sports," Braff said. "So, when she kept talking about her husband, Dwyane, I was like, 'Oh, I hope to one day meet this Dwyane.' I had no idea who it was."

When Union spoke with ET at the film's press junket about the funny moment, she revealed that neither her nor her husband found offense because "in all fairness," Wade didn't know who Braff was before either!

"I don't want to say luckily, but he didn't know who Zach was either, he didn't watch Scrubs," she admitted. "He's like, 'Is that the one where there was, like, a Black dude?' And I'm like, 'Yes, that's Donald Faison, baby.' So, in all fairness, it's a push. They didn’t know who each other was and, magically, they both are successful. It happens."

The pair addressed the awkward moment again on the carpet Wednesday night, with Braff popping into Union's interview to clear the air.

"I don't know anything about sports. I'm a musical theater geek," Braff stressed.

The pair did meet though, and it was everything and more the 46-year-old actor expected.

"Yes, I did," Braff said when asked if he'd finally met the basketball star. "He's an Adonis. He's the most beautiful man I've ever seen."

Cheaper by the Dozen begins streaming on March 18 on Disney+.



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