Gal Gadot Shares New Look at 'Wonder Woman 1984' at MTV Movie & TV Awards: Greatest of All Time

'Wonder Woman 1984'
Warner Bros. Pictures

The 'Wonder Woman' actress took home the She-Ro Award on Sunday and gifted fans with a sneak peek at the long-awaited action epic.

Gal Gadot knows how to thank her fans! The celebrated actress took home the GOAT: She-Ro Award at the MTV Movie & TV Awards: Greatest of All Time special on Sunday, and celebrated the win by gifting fans with an action-packed sneak peek at the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984.

The brief but exciting clip gives fans a look at the next-level power and unbeatable epicness of Gadot's super-powered Wonder Woman, as she singlehandedly chases down a convoy of heavily armed soldiers in trucks, on foot!

As Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) drive after the convoy, the superheroine decided she could go faster by just running, and manages to disarm and destroy several of the vehicles with her bare hands.

Between her impressive speed, monumental agility, and her ability to use her magic lasso to whip bullets out of the air and continuously save Steve Trevor's life while also using an entire personnel carrier as a shield, it's safe to say this long-awaited sequel is definitely looking to up the ante after the franchise's groundbreaking first film.

The special sneak peek dropped just hours after the exciting, official theatrical trailer was released, giving a glimpse at the comic book adventure drama, which is already earning rave early reviews.

Wonder Woman 1984 -- which was originally supposed to premiere on June 5, but amid the coronavirus pandemic, was postponed to Aug. 14 and then to October, and then to Christmas Day.

It was revealed late last month that Wonder Woman 1984 would be hitting theaters and HBO Max on the same day, Dec. 25, so those who didn't feel comfortable leaving their homes could still enjoy the action and excitement.

Check out the video below for more on the hotly anticipated Wonder Woman 1984.