Go Inside 'Hemlock Grove' - EXCLUSIVE

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Hot on the heels of their wildly successful House of Cards comes Hemlock Grove, the latest Netflix series designed to deplete workplace productivity as you'll spend hours minimizing viewing windows any time your boss walks by.

The 13 episode Eli Roth produced thriller takes place in Hemlock Grove, a former Pennsylvania steel town rocked by the brutal murder of a 17-year-old girl. But all is not what it seems in this small burg, that is also populated with supernatural creatures. Something that initially gave star Bill Skarsgard (Alex's younger brother) pause.

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"My agent gave this vampire/werewolf script to me and I was like, 'Come on! Everyone knows my brother is on True Blood,'" Bill laughs to ETonline. "But then I read it, and was in awe. Every script is so mysterious and weird and cool and edgy. I needed to be a part of this show."