The Most Iconic TV Series Finales

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The 2013 finale of AMC's drug drama Breaking Bad ended as many suspected it would, with high school science teacher-turned-kingpin Walter White (Bryan Cranston) dead on the ground, but not before he tied up many of his loose ends. Before heading out on his final mission, Walter admits to his wife Skyler (Anna Gunn) that his life as a kingpin was not for his family, as he so often insisted, but for his own selfish gain. He leaves her with the coordinates to find Hank (Dean Norris)'s body and takes one last look at his children.

Walter frees his former partner Jesse (Aaron Paul) from his role as a slave laborer to rival dealers by rigging an M60 machine gun with a remote trigger when he goes to meet with the gang. The ensuing gunfire wounds Walter but Jesse is able to escape. Finally, Walter returns to his meth lab, collapsing to the floor and succumbing to his injuries as police rush in to find his lifeless body.