Michael Hyatt: Where You've Seen the 'Snowfall' Actress Before

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Michael Hyatt is a proud working actress, who has become a familiar face on TV thanks to her many recurring roles over the past 15 years, which now includes a series regular part as Cissy Saint on John Singleton’s new FX series, 'Snowfall.' While the actress has played a number of lawyers, doctors and detectives on shows like 'True Detective' and 'Brothers & Sisters,' she’s never felt pigeonholed. “There are actors who get frustrated because they’re always typecast as a drug dealer or roles that can be perceived as negative images of society. I am blessed that I am not that person,” she says, adding that, in her case, it’s an opportunity. “If it is that over the span of my career you see me playing lawyers, doctors, detectives and teachers, then you know what? I think I’ve done a lot.” In fact, Hyatt’s even managed to take one of those roles that could have easily gone to a white man. “One of my first recurring roles was written for a white man and then I came in the room and did my thing,” she recalls of the audition. “They said, ‘You know what? It doesn’t have to be a white man. It can be her. She’s telling the same story that he could tell.’ That’s f**king amazing.”