New Movies on DVD & Blu-ray: May 5

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A quartet of great World War II epics are collected in this four-film set featuring such stars as Clint Eastwood, Lee Marvin, Richard Burton, Van Johnson, Donald Sutherland and Charles Bronson. In the action-packed, tongue-in-cheek 'Kelly's Heroes,' Clint and his fellow GIs plot to get their hands on a fortune in Nazi-confiscated gold bullion; in 'The Dirty Dozen,' Marvin is a tough-as-nails major commanding a squad of misfit jailbirds on a suicide mission against the Nazis; 'Where Eagles Dare' finds Clint with Burton in a dangerous operation to rescue a U.S. general from an Alpine fortress; and 'Battleground' stars James Whitmore as a feisty sergeant and Van Johnson as a wisecracking private in a gripping tale of 101st Airborne troops resisting Hitler's final counteroffensive at Bastogne.

Also available: 'TCM Greatest Classic Films Collection: WWII Battlefront Asia' featuring 'The Green Berets,' 'Destination Tokyo,' 'Bataan' and 'Back to Bataan.'