New Movies on DVD & Blu-ray: October 6

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Frankenstein! The walking dead! Zombies on Broadway? Get into the Halloween spirit with four classic films starring horror icons Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi in one collection on DVD for the first time, featuring commentary by film historians Charlotte Austin, Tom Weaver and Greg Mank.

In 'The Walking Dead' (1936), Karloff plays an ex-con framed for murder who's sentenced to the electric chair. Brought back to life by the miracle of science, he seeks revenge against those responsible for his death.

The futuristic 'Frankenstein-1970' (1958) has Karloff returning to the story that made him famous as a descendent of the original Dr. Victor Frankenstein. Facing bankruptcy, he allows a film crew to film a horror flick in his family castle, giving him a fresh supply of body parts ready for harvesting!

In 'You'll Find Out' (1940), Lugosi, Karloff and Peter Lorre poke fun at their horror-genre personas in a wacky haunted house tale full of music, murder and mirth as they plan a murder in order to nab a young heiress' inheritance.

The wacky 'Zombies on Broadway' (1945) finds Lugosi as a mad scientist who ends up with more than he bargained for when he encounters two inept Broadway press agents looking for a real-life zombie to use for a publicity stunt.