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Known for her passionate performances, Barbara Stanwyck was one of the brightest stars to ever grace the silver screen. Equally captivating in heavy dramas ('Sorry, Wrong Number'), lighthearted comedies ('The Lady Eve'), and dark film noirs ('Double Indemnity'), she is considered one of the best among Hollywood's leading ladies. This collection of six films includes 'Internes Can't Take Money,' 'The Great Man's Lady,' 'The Bride Wore Boots,' 'The Lady Gambles,' 'All I Desire' and 'There's Always Tomorrow.' Featuring co-stars such as Joel McCrea, Fred MacMurray and Robert Preston, 'The Barbara Stanwyck Collection' is a glimpse into the career of one of cinema’s most enduring screen legends.

'Internes Can't Take Money' (1937): Bullets fly and tensions rise when a desperate woman (Stanwyck) must turn to Dr. Kildare (McCrea) for help getting her child back from gangsters. 'The Great Man's Lady' (1942): A reflective 100-year-old woman (Stanwyck) looks back on her life and how her extraordinary sacrifice helped her husband (McCrea) become one of the nation's greatest men. 'The Bride Wore Boots' (1946): It's a comedy of errors when a bookish husband (Robert Cummings) tries to win back the affections of his horse-breeding wife (Stanwyck). 'The Lady Gambles' (1949): When novice gambler Joan Booth (Stanwyck) bets it all -- and loses -- she is thrust into a downward spiral from which only her devoted husband (Preston) can save her. 'All I Desire' (1953): New scandals erupt and old ones resurface when an aging stage actress (Stanwyck) returns to her small hometown and the family she abandoned ten years earlier. 'There's Always Tomorrow' (1956): In this romantic tale of passion, an unlucky-in-love fashion designer (Stanwyck) must decide if she should succumb to her feelings for a married man (MacMurray).