'Game of Thrones' Series Finale: A New King Is Crowned

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Get ready to sing "Jenny's Song" because Game of Thrones has officially come to an end. After eight glorious seasons, the HBO epic concluded on Sunday -- and we finally found out who is ruling the six kingdoms. 

After last week's shocking penultimate episode, in which Daenerys ignored King's Landing's surrender and instead lit the place up, it became clear she's not the benevolent ruler she wanted to be. Most of the Lannisters are dead -- Tyrion, however, remained shocked by his queen's actions -- but the Starks were alive, and were possibly coming for Dany's crown. 

Despite fans' petition to have season eight remade, we're pretty sure this is the season eight we've got. ET was live blogging Sunday's episode from start to finish as we learned our favorite characters' fates. Scroll down for minute-by-minute updates of what went down. 

One Last Shot

7:18 PM:

Sansa gets a crown because SHE IS THE QUEEN IN THE NORTH! 

Arya gets a chic bun because she needs her hair pulled out of her face for where she's headed -- beneath a Stark banner. 

Jon heads out into the snow with Tormund and the Free Folk. He stares into the distance and the theme song plays. Goodbye, Game of Thrones!

A Finale Reunion

7:14 PM:

Jon arrives at Castle Black to find Tormund -- BUT WHERE IS GHOST?

We get an update on the Starks as the finale wraps up. Arya's on a boat, Sansa is ruling, Jon's at the wall. 

Music is playing, we're getting emotional and we STILL HAVEN'T SEEN THE DOG YET. 

Northerners bow down to Sansa as she walks by, Arya smiles as she journeys through a ship and Jon takes his place to command the Free Folk.


Business to Attend To

7:12 PM:

Bronn, Master of Coin, has some business to attend to, while Davos, Master of Ships, argues over money to rebuild following the destruction. 

Sam is Grand Maester, and Bronn is focused on rebuilding the brothels -- where is this going?? -- but Brienne insists there are other priorities. 

A Song of Ice and Fire

7:08 PM:

Tyrion sits in the Hand's chair, then awkwardly clears his throat as the rest of Bran's council walks in. There's Ser Davos, Bronn, and Sam. 

"A Song of Ice and Fire," Sam says, putting a book of history following the death of King Robert Baratheon in front of Tyrion. 

Tyrion's worried about what's said about him, but Sam jokes he's "not mentioned." 

Brienne walks in, rolling Bran in his wheelchair. The new king notes we're "missing a master of whisper, laws and war."

We learn Drogon was last spotted flying east, and Podrick is a King's guard. 

Helen Sloan - HBO

Brienne Finishes the Book

7:06 PM:

Jon departs and we see Brienne, finishing Jaime's entry in the Kingsguard book. She's got great handwriting. 

She gets emotional while filling out his entry. "Died protecting his Queen," Brienne writes. 

Bending the Knee

7:05 PM:

"Your Grace," Jon says, bending the knee to his brother. "I'm sorry I wasn't there when you needed me." 

"You were exactly where you were supposed to be," Bran reminds him -- because, you know, he knows everything now. 

Leaving the Past Behind

7:01 PM:

Jon leaves the city, encountering Grey Worm on his way out. Dany's former commander looks somber as it's revealed he and his men are headed to the Isle of Naath, where Missandei was from. 

Jon then bids farewell to his siblings cousins. 

"I wish there had been another way. Can you forgive me?" Sansa asks Jon. 

"The North is free, thanks to you," Jon notes.

Sansa says they've lost their king, but Jon reminds her that Ned Stark's daughter will speak for them. "She's the best they could ask for," he smiles. 

Jon then tells Arya to visit him at Castle Black. "I can't," Arya says. "I'm not going back North... What's west of Westeros?" 

"I don't know," Jon replies. 

"No one knows. That's where all the maps stop. That's where I'm going," she tearfully declares, noting she's got her Needle "right here." 

The two share an emotional embrace. 

Helen Sloan - HBO

Tyrion Tells Jon His Fate

6:59 PM:

Tyrion tells Jon that he's headed to the Night's Watch. 

"No one is very happy, which means it's a good compromise, I suppose," Tyrion says of the decision.

"Was it right? What I did?" Jon asks. "It doesn't feel right." 

"Ask me again in 10 years," Tyrion offers.

Jon says he won't see Tyrion again -- but Tyrion's not so sure. 

OK, Bran.

6:54 PM:

"Will you wear the crown?" Tyrion asks Bran. 

"Why do you think I came all this way?" Bran asks. OK, Bran. 

"To Brandon of House Stark, I say aye," Tyrion says as the lords all agree. 

"I love you, little brother," Sansa begins, before making her thoughts clear. "The North will remain an independent kingdom, as it was for thousands of years." 

Bran nods as Tyrion lists his new name: "Bran the Broken, First of His Name, King of the Andals and Protector of Men, Lord of the SIX kingdoms." 

Bran asks Tyrion to be his Hand. "He's made many terrible mistakes. He's going to spend the rest of his life fixing them," Bran explains. 

Tyrion Makes a Case -- for Bran

6:51 PM:

The lords laugh Sam off. 

"Me? The Imp? Half the people for serving Daenerys, the other half hate me for betraying her," Tyrion explains of why he can't be king, adding that he's thought a lot about the "mistakes we've made." 

"What unites people? Armies? Gold? Flags? Stories," he says. "There's nothing more powerful in the world than a good story. Nothing can stop it. No enemy can defeat it. And who has a better story than Bran the Broken? The boy who fell from the High Tower and lived." 

Tyrion continues, making his case for Bran. "He is our memory, the keeper of all our stories," he says. "Who better to lead us into the future?" 

"Bran has no interest in ruling and he can't have children," Sansa notes as Grey Worm also expresses his doubts.

"That is the wheel our queen wanted to break," Tyrion tells Grey Worm. "For now on, rulers will not be born, they will be chosen." 

Choose One? Really?

6:49 PM:

After all we've been through, Tyrion wants the group to choose a king or queen to decide Jon's fate. Really??? 

"You're the most powerful people in Westeros. Choose one," Tyrion says. 

Edmure Tully stands up and starts to pitch himself for the job before Sansa tells him to "please sit." 

Sam stands and appears to be recommending an election. "Maybe the decision of what's best for everyone should be left to, well, everyone," he suggests. 

Macall B. Polay - HBO

Time Jump?

6:45 PM:

Tyrion is so good at sleeping with his eyes open that we thought he was dead -- but he's not. 

Grey Worm arrives to take a handcuffed Tyrion away from his cell and we think we've just witnessed a time jump. 

Tyrion enters the dragon pit to find the Starks, Yara and more gathered. 

"Where's Jon?" Sansa asks, as it becomes clear that Jon has been imprisoned in King's Landing. 

Yara's still committed to Dany, and Ser Davos tries to stop the war, encouraging Grey Worm to start a new world. 

Taking Dany Away

6:44 PM:

Drogon takes his little finger (toe?) and picks Dany up, flying her away into the distance. 

Wow, Jon!

6:40 PM:

Dany wants Jon to be with her, and Jon is WEAK -- or so we thought. "You are my queen, now and always," he says, before STABBING HER.

Drogon screeches as Jon cries over Dany's lifeless body. The dragon has lost a mom, but gained a dad. (Right?) Drogon nuzzles Dany, growls at the sky and prepares to breathe fire. Jon ducks while the dragon destroys the Iron Throne sitting behind him. The Iron Throne is gone. 

Side note: What is this dragon's IQ? How does he know any of what's happening? How did he become our hero? 

A Lovers' Spat

6:37 PM:

Jon interrupts on Dany's speech about finally getting what she wanted to remind her that there are dead children all over King's Landing, burned by her fire. 

"Have you been down there? Have you seen it?" he shouts, before begging her to forgive Tyrion. "You can forgive all of them... please Dany." 

"We can't hide behind small mercies," she says. 

"It's not easy to see something that's never been before. A good world," Dany continues. "I know what is good. And so do you." 

"I don't," Jon cries. "What about everyone else? All the other people who think they know what's good?" 

"They don't get to choose," Dany coldly replies, taking Jon in her arms. "Be with me!" 

The Iron Throne

6:33 PM:

Jon walks by Drogon, who is taking a dragon-sized nap in the snow (or ash? Is it snow or ash?) 

Dany, meanwhile, sets her sights on the Iron Throne. The Throne Room is destroyed, but this show knows better than to crumble the very thing the series is about. 

The Dragon Queen walks to the throne as snow and ash falls. She touches the throne, smiles at having achieved her goal, and turns around to take a seat. 

Jon approaches. 

A Stark Reminder -- Get It?

6:33 PM:

Tyrion brings up Jon's sisters -- reminding him they're unlikely to bend the knee, despite what he'd like to believe. 

"She doesn't get to choose," Jon says of Sansa.

"But you do. And you have to choose now," Tyrion insists. 

Tyrion Makes a Good Point

6:29 PM:

"Everywhere she goes, evil men die and we cheer her for it... she believes her destiny is to build a better world... wouldn't you kill who stood between you and paradise?" Tyrion asks Jon, as he puts his head in his hands, defeated. 

"I know you love her. I love her, too. Not as successfully as you, but I believed in her with all my heart. Love is more powerful than reason," he reminds Jon. "We all know that. Look at my brother." 

"Love is the death of duty," Jon says. 

"Sometimes duty is the death of love," Tyrion offers. "You are the shield that guards the realm of men. ...You've tried to protect people. Who is the greatest threat to the people now?" 

"It's a terrible thing I'm asking. It's also the right thing. Do you think I'm the last man she'll execute?" he continues, warning Jon could be next on her list. 

"That's her decision. She is the queen," Jon says. "I'm sorry it came to this." 

Visiting a Prisoner

6:24 PM:

"Did you bring any wine?" Tyrion asks Jon, who visits him in his cell. "I betrayed my closest friend and watched him burn. Now Varys' ashes can tell my ashes, 'See, I told you.'" 

Jon says the war is over now, but Tyrion isn't so sure. "Did she sound like someone who's done fighting? ...She'll go on liberating until the people of the world are free and she rules them all." 

"Our queen's nature is fire and blood," Tyrion notes, though Jon isn't done defending her. "Would you have done it?" 

"I don't know," Jon replies -- but Tyrion knows the answer. 

"You won't say because you don't want to betray her, but you know," Tyrion says. "[What you'd do] matters more than anything." 

Arya's Warning

6:22 PM:

Arya's a speedwalker, because she just managed to get from the Dothraki to Jon is 2.2 seconds. 

"What are you doing here?" Jon asks her. 

"I came to kill Cersei. Your queen got her first," Arya replies. 

"She's everyone's queen now," he says. 

"Try telling Sansa," Arya snaps. 

Jon tells Arya to wait for him outside the city gates, but Arya knows better. She warns him he'll ways be a threat to her, "and I know a killer when I see one." 


Tyrion's Done

6:21 PM:

"You freed your brother. You committed treason," Dany hisses to Tyrion.

"I freed my brother, and you slaughtered a city," Tyrion tells her, removing his Hand pin and throwing it down the stairs. 

The Dragon Queen demands her guards take him away right then and there -- but he doesn't go without giving a warning look to Jon. 

Dany Sets Her Mission

6:17 PM:

"Blood of my blood, you kept all your promises to me. You killed my enemies in their iron suits, you tore down their stone houses, you gave me the seven kingdoms," Dany tells the crowd.

She then turns to Grey Worm, naming him commander of all her forces and her Master of War. 

Tyrion emerges behind Dany as she praises the Unsullied -- and tells them the "War is not over." "We will not lay down our spears until we have liberated all the people of the world," she says.

Dany gets emotional as the forces cheer. Tyrion, Arya and Jon have worry displayed all over their faces.

Dany Appears

6:15 PM:

We're reunited with Arya, who walks outside among a pile of bodies. She sees Jon walk through the lines of Dothraki, past the rows of Unsullied up to Dany. 

Arya watches silently. 

Drogon flies up ahead and behind Dany, who fiercely walks forward in one of the coolest shots we've seen in the entire series, TBH. She smiles slightly as her troops cheer in the distance. 

Tyrion's Journey

6:10 PM:

Tyrion walks through the courtyard and it's raining ash. He picks up a torch as he heads downstairs to the escape route he laid out for his brother, Jaime. 

He sees their passage was blocked by rubble, and then discovers Jaime's hand, glimmering in the patch of sunlight peeking through. Tyrion cries as he struggles to uncover it from the building that crushed his brother and sister, Cersei. 

Helen Sloan - HBO

'It's Over'

6:08 PM:

"I'll find you later," Tyrion says. 

"It's not safe," Jon replies -- but Tyrion is determined to proceed solo. 

"I'm going alone," Tyrion declares, as we see the famous bell King's Landing citizens rang in surrender as part of the wreckage. 

Jon catches up to Grey Worm, who is about to execute Lannister warriors. 

"It's over. These men are prisoners," Jon says, but Grey Worm explains that it's Dany's order to "kill all who follow Cersei Lannister." 

Jon and Grey Worm have a stand-off, ready to battle it out before Davos interrupts to inform Jon that he needs to speak with the queen. 

Grey Worm slices a man's throat as they walk away.

The Aftermath

6:05 PM:

The episode opens with Tyrion walking through the rubble that is King's Landing. He sees a kid's corpse and a man completely burnt by Dany's wrath. Jon and Ser Davos walk behind him. 


It's Starting

6:02 PM:

The end is here -- and it's kicking off with somber reminders of who we lost last week. 

See more on Game of Thrones in the video below. 


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