Garrett Hedlund Gushes Over His and Emma Roberts' 'Precious Delirium' After Becoming New Parents (Exclusive)

The 36-year-old actor welcomed a baby boy in December with actress Emma Roberts.

Garrett Hedlund is loving dad life! ET's Rachel Smith spoke to the 36-year-old actor less than two months after he and Emma Roberts welcomed their first child, a son named Rhodes.

"Every day is a blessing," Hedlund gushed. "He's an angel."

Hedlund added that he and Roberts, 30, are adjusting to parenthood "fantastically," before describing the early days of being a family of three.

"I like to call this period the precious delirium," he said. "Everybody says, 'Appreciate it. Soak it up. It goes by so fast,' so I'm really taking that advice and really trying to wallow in it."

"It's really remarkable," he added. "I like it. I smile from coast to coast all day long."

A source recently told ET that Hedlund and Roberts, the latter of whom recently revealed that Tim McGraw is their son's godfather, are "in good spirits at the moment."

In addition to being a new dad, Hedlund is gearing up for the release of his latest film, Lee Daniels' The United States Vs. Billie Holiday, in which he plays Harry Anslinger, the director of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics who tried to take down the iconic singer.

"I wanted to work with Lee Daniels. He does films that never fail to have a massive impact... [and] tend to be traumatic and beautiful at the same time," Hedlund said. "You learn something at the same time. You're inspired by something. That's what he did with this film. That's how I felt after watching it."

"I felt it's such an educational piece that it should be shown in the history classrooms and the music rooms for the next generation to see," he continued. "It's something that everyone else who wasn't aware of is going to be able to learn an immense amount from."

The United States Vs. Billie Holiday will arrive Feb. 26 on Hulu.



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