Garth Brooks' Daughter Allie Colleen on Growing Up Around Music and Her Influences for Debut Album (Exclusive)

The country singer's daughter talked to ET about her love for music.

Garth Brooks' daughter, Allie Colleen, is opening up about growing up around music ahead of the release of her debut album, Stones. Colleen told ET she doesn't remember a time where music wasn't a part of her life.

"For me, music has always made sense, it's always been good. As a female and as a woman, it has always made me feel really pretty. I feel beautiful when I sing," Colleen revealed. 

For the new artist, singing isn't just a career. It's something she plans do for the rest of her life.

"I love to sing, and ... I don't really have to think all of the things that I think about all of the time when I sing, so, I don't think I've thought of it as like, a career, you know?" she said. "I just knew I was going to sing for the rest of my life and then I think as I got older it was just like, 'No, that's the only thing I'm also going to do is sing for the rest of my life.'"

While she has some big voices at home, including Brooks and her "bonus mom," fellow country singer, Trisha Yearwood, she admits she didn't sing a lot in front of her family growing up.

"Oddly enough, I didn't sing in front of my family a lot but they were always hearing me you know, like, 'Allie was always in the shower or the closet for some reason singing stuff,' you know what I mean?" Colleen explained. "They knew, they supported everything amazing, but like, I was never one to get my guitar on the couch in front of my family and play music or anything."

When it comes to Stones, Colleen looked outside her family to female artists that inspired her sound: Jo Dee Messina and Ashley McBryde. The singer said she got to see McBryde just a few weeks back.

"I love her, I love her, she is so kind. I got to see her a few weeks ago, and she is like, 'How have you been?' and I was like, 'You know me, I want to be you when I grow up,' and she looks at me like, 'Well, you are going to have to pick one of those two because you can't do them both,' and I just went and kind of smacked myself like, 'I’m so dumb, I will never worry about growing up ever again,'" she shared. "I just love Ashley McBryde, but there are so many amazing powerful people and just ... a lot of different influences that kind of go into all of it, but I think Jo Dee Messina was kind of my girl."

Stones is out now and available for purchase on the singer's website.