'General Hospital' Cast on Chandra Wilson Guest Starring in 60th Anniversary Nurses Ball Episode (Exclusive)

The 'Grey's Anatomy' star is a big fan of the daytime drama.

Chandra Wilson is heading back to General Hospital! In honor of the soap opera's diamond anniversary episodes, the 53-year-old Grey's Anatomy star is reprising her role as a fashion correspondent, and she couldn't be more thrilled to be doing so.

"I haven't been back since 2019. It's really special that [creator] Frank [Hursley] continues to ask me to come back," Wilson tells ET's Will Marfuggi. "This is the first time I've come back as a character that I played before, 'cause usually I'm playing someone different, so I'm very honored to do that."

Wilson is not only honored to be featured on the daytime drama because of its iconic history, but more so because she's such a fan of it personally.

"It is comfort food to me because it's been in my life [as long as] I can remember," she says of General Hospital. "... I looked forward to every summer vacation as a kid because then I could get all caught up. It didn't seem like you missed too much after the school year, and this just continued with me as an adult. This is my everyday viewing. I don't watch anything else. I watch General Hospital every day."

Wilson won over the General Hospital cast thanks to her clear love of the show, with Laura Wright gushing to ET about how Wilson "was so excited to be here" and Evan Hofer remarking that "it's so cool how much she loves General Hospital."

Kelly Monaco calls Wilson's appearance "amazing" and "iconic," as other cast members praise the actress for how she handled her role.

"They wrote her really heavy with a lot of lines, she came in letter perfect, knew every word, didn't even have her script in her hand, just knew everything to say," Jacklyn Zeman says. "She's a real pro."

"She's such a professional," Kirsten Storms agrees. "First of all, they gave her a mouthful to say and she handled it like such a pro. It's been great. She's kind and giving as an actor and funny. I had a couple scenes with her, so it was a lot of fun."

Meanwhile, Donnell Turner says Wilson "brings such great energy and talent to the show," and Michael Easton notes that "it's really special when she's here."

Also making Wilson's appearance all the more special is the fact that it takes place during the daytime drama's fictional fundraiser, The Nurses Ball.

"It's our biggest event that we do," Storms says. "Every time as a cast member when we hear The Nurses Ball is coming, there's nerves and excitement... It's a fun time."

There's no better way to celebrate the show's diamond anniversary, which Turner calls "priceless."

"There's not many shows that can say that they have 60 years and General Hospital's just that engine that could," he says.
"I'm pleased to be part of it."

The 60th anniversary episodes of General Hospital begin airing April 2 on ABC. Tune in to Friday's episode of Entertainment Tonight for more of ET's interviews with the cast.