George Clooney Recalls Having Bell's Palsy as a Teenager

George Clooney
Gotham/GC Images

Bell's palsy causes sudden weakness in the muscles on one side of the face. Clooney said he suffered from the condition in high school.

George Clooney suffered from Bell's palsy as a teenager, he told Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday. The movie star opened up about his past health condition while appearing on Kimmel's 20th anniversary episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! 

Clooney joined Snoop Dogg as a guest onstage in a recreation of the show's first episode from 2003, and Kimmel continued the nostalgia theme with several school photos of both Snoop Dogg and Clooney. 

"Now wait, I want to point out something because you're going to laugh, gonna make a joke. I have Bell's palsy there and half of my face is paralyzed," Clooney said of one of the photos. 

"Look at this, watch this," he explained, reaching across the desk to cover half his face in the photo with his hand to show his smile was slanted on one side. "If you go like this, on the other side, it's a completely different face. So now make your joke. Come on, funnyman. Come on, let me give you my sad face."

Kimmel laughed before adding, "You know what? I didn't have a joke, George, and you really brought everybody down." The men chuckled at their teasing, and the audience applauded. 

The Mayo Clinic defines Bell's palsy as a temporary condition that causes sudden weakness in the muscles on one side of the face. It usually resolves within a few weeks, and the cause of the condition is unknown. 

During the show, Kimmel also showed off a high school photo of Snoop Dogg and two other photos of Clooney. 

"I want to point out that my mother cut my hair," Clooney said of his younger photo, in which he sports a bowl cut.

Kimmel ended the bit with a photo from Clooney's senior year, where he is older and more recognizable. "I mean, what a progression this is," Kimmel said of the photo as the audience cheered.

"It can't be stopped at this point," Clooney said.