Gerard Butler Says 'Painful' Motorcycle Crash Made Him 'Appreciate How Precious Life Is' (Exclusive)

The 'Geostorm' star says his recent motorcycle accident left some damage, but could have been a lot worse.

Gerard Butler says his recent motorcycle accident has given him a deeper appreciation for life.

The Scottish action star spoke with ET at the premiere of his upcoming disaster thriller, Geostorm, at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood on Monday, where he opened up about the frightening incident.

"I was going along the road doing my thing and this lady decided to go from parked on the other side of the road to an illegal U-Turn and went right in front of me," Butler said. "I smacked the car, went flying through the air and did a somersault and landed and it hurt a bit."

The 300 star said that when bystanders rushed over to help, they were surprised to discover that they just saw a movie star get into a serious accident.

"A lot of them watched that happen and they're like, 'That was you?!'" Butler recalled. "So I'm sitting down and my feet are killing me and my shoes are ripped and [one guy asks], 'So, how's it all goin'?' And I [tried to say], 'Well I'm supposed to be doing an action movie in about three weeks.'"

The actor admitted that the crash was "pretty painful" but that it also "made me really appreciate how precious life is because I could have landed any number of ways that would have taken me out."

Butler was transported to the hospital following the collision to be treated for some cuts, bruises and even a few bone fractures.

"I have five fractures in my right foot alone [and] a bunch of stupid stuff, a torn meniscus, but I'll be fine," he said.

The star's latest blockbuster, Geostorm, hits theaters Friday.

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