Get to Know Kanye West's New Flame, Actress Julia Fox

Find out more about the Italian-American actress.

Julia Fox and Kanye "Ye" West have been making headlines left and right!

The two first sparked romance rumors after being photographed together in Miami, where they met on New Year's Eve. This week, the pair confirmed their new fling after they attended a Broadway show together in New York, before having a PDA-filled photo-shoot experience for their second date.

While previous sources have told ET that Kanye has been trying to win back his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian, another source shared with ET this week that the father-of-four is trying to move on from his ex.

So who is Julia and why does she look so familiar? Learn more about the actress and mom, below:

Kevin Leyva/Interview Magazine

Meet Julia Pre-Fame — Jack of All Trades and Former Dominatrix

The 31-year-old Italian-American actress was born in Milan, Italy, and moved to New York when she was six. Julia has had a number of jobs, from working at a shoe store, ice cream and pastry shop to modeling and designing clothes.

Among her most interesting is that of a dominatrix. She opened up about the job during a 2020 Rolling Stone interview where she shared, "This was back when Craigslist still had an ‘adult gigs’ section."

"I was scrolling, and in between ads for prostitutes, I clicked on one that said no nudity, no sex. That appealed to me," she recalled, explaining how it taught her to act. "You’re given a few words on what the client’s interests are and then you have to build from there and improvise the rest. So imagine having to do that multiple times a day in different outfits -- a nun, teacher, nurse, mom -- according to the clients’ desires. I went in an angsty teenager, and left a really self-assured woman."

She also posed for Playboy and self-published two books on photography.

Julia's Big Break

Julia landed her big break in Adam Sandler's 2019 Uncut Gems, where she portrayed his character's mistress, Julia. Before the film's release, Julia told ET that the actor asked for her character's name to be changed.

"My character's name was originally supposed to be Sadie," she explained. "But that's his daughter's name, so he actually had it switched for that to make it easier on the girls."

Her acting credits also include the movies Puppet, PVT CHAT and No Sudden Move.

Julia's Journey to Motherhood

Julia married pilot Peter Artemiev in 2018, and the two have since separated. The former couple welcomed their son, Valentino, on January 14 2021.

"The best day of my life," she wrote alongside photos of her showing off her baby bump.

She also told Interview Magazine in September that it's been "really, really nice" being a mother. "I value my time so much more because I have so little of it. It’s very humbling to know that this little baby is the boss of me. He decides what we do all the time. It does come very naturally to me because I’ve always had this maternal instinct of, you know, taking in stragglers off the street," she added.

However, Julia recently called out her ex, calling him a "deadbeat dad" in a since-deleted Instagram post. In an article posted on The Cut on Friday, Jan. 7, she said she wanted to "clear the air" about what she wrote about her son's father.

"My son’s father and I had our issues and I wanted to scare him into being a better dad, but I went about it the wrong way," she told the publication. "My son’s dad loves his son more than anything in the world. He just has some issues that I shouldn’t have made public."

Julia Meets Kanye

The two were first photographed going out in Miami, before taking their romance to New York City. In her own words, Julia told Interview Magazine this week that she met the rapper on New Year's Eve and have been hanging out ever since. The piece was accompanied by steamy photos of the two.

"I met Ye in Miami on New Year’s Eve and it was an instant connection. His energy is so fun to be around. He had me and my friends laughing, dancing, and smiling all night. We decided to keep the energy going and fly back to New York City to see Slave Play," she shared. "Ye’s flight landed at six and the play was at seven and he was there ON TIME. I was impressed. After the play we chose to do dinner at Carbone which is one of my favorite restaurants. Obviously."

She went on to share that at the restaurant, Kanye "directed an entire photo shoot for me while people dined! The whole restaurant loved it and cheered us on while it was happening."

"After dinner Ye had a surprise for me. I mean, I’m still in shock. Ye had an entire hotel suite full of clothes. It was every girl’s dream come true. It felt like a real Cinderella moment," she continued. "I don’t know how he did it, or how he got all of it there in time. But I was so surprised. Like, who does things like this on a second date? Or any date! Everything with us has been so organic. I don’t know where things are headed but if this is any indication of the future I’m loving the ride."

See more on their whirlwind romance in the video above.