'Ghosts': Asher Grodman on the Surprising Answer Behind How Trevor Lost His Pants (Exclusive)


"Part of me was like, 'Don't ever tell them!' Just keep it going for six years,'" the actor told ET after Thursday's revealing episode.

Spoiler alert! Do not proceed if you have not watched Thursday's episode of Ghosts.

The mystery behind Trevor's missing pants has been solved!

On Thursday's episode of Ghoststhe real story behind why Trevor (Asher Grodman) has been gallivanting in the afterlife without any pants on was finally revealed -- and the answer was unexpected for the former Wall Street bro who has a self-proclaimed reputation for partying and sex. What actually happened was Trevor, back in his alive days, lent his trousers to a colleague, Pinkus, who had to somehow make it back into the city on foot with nothing but his shirt and socks -- an initiation of sorts. 

"You're just going to go back in there without any pants on?" Pinkus asked Trevor, who later gives him his boxers too. "I don't want your boys rubbing up against my new suit... Be free." And in classic Trevor fashion, he stormed back into the room telling a white lie to cheers, "Guess who just had sex with a hot limo driver!" When Trevor is told the actual story of what really happened to his pants (because by that point he had downed two pills and was moments away from his heart exploding), Trevor himself was stunned because, like Sam (Rose McIver) and his ghostly friends tell him, he's maybe a good person? 

Still, with his world (and identity) shattered, Trevor -- with the help of his new undead "bros" -- got his own type of revenge on Ari, his former best friend/"bro" who was the one who initially "broke the bro code." As Trevor learned, Ari and his Wall Street "friends" opted not to help Trevor soon after he died, but rather -- after careful consultation with the wealthy lawyer fathers -- dumped his body in the lake. 

"I really liked it," Grodman told ET of the answer to Trevor's pants-less mystery. "Something about the premise of the show that's so interesting is we take this thing that is so inaccessible, being the afterlife... but it's this thing that no one understands or is this mysterious, unknowable thing, and we make it hyper knowable. We basically turn all of these dead people into as though they were our pets and we can have access to every single part of them. They're just like us, and maybe even more childish versions of us. So, for me to be able to have a flashback into his life and figure out, 'Oh, so what is it like when he's with other people from his time? How does that fit?' I thought Joe [Port] and Joe [Wiseman] and our writers' room did a great job with that."

"I thought the simplicity of that was really wonderful and during that scene that [Trevor] has with Pinkus -- I just think it's so unexpected and shows that's the puppy side or a softer side of him," the actor noted. "Because at the end of the day, he's a really loyal dude. For me to read that, it was such a thrill. It's also funny because the way our show works, it's so ensemble-based and you get used to being one of the puzzle pieces. And then when I got to this episode and I saw how much depth and complexity there is to him, I loved the fact that he actually doesn't know what happened. I thought that was such a smart choice because for a guy who often seems like he's in control, it was great for him to also be on the outside looking into his own story. I thought that was such a great choice. And the guys who play Trevor's 'bros,' they're all so good. They're so fantastic. They did a great job."

There was a part of Grodman who secretly wished Ghosts never addressed Trevor's missing pants and instead used it as a series-long gag. "I have to tell you, part of me was like, 'Don't ever tell them!'" he recalled. "Just keep it going for like six years. Just keep it going or maybe have him start to tell the story and then he keeps getting interrupted over and over again."

Bertrand Calmeau/CBS

Even so, the actor believes fans will embrace the explanation.

"I hope they're going to love it," he said. "When you're shooting a show, you're very present tense. You're just focusing on what you're shooting and it's long days, but you're focused on what you're doing. You're not focused on the reception of the episode that's out. So, this is the first time that we've had a sense of like, 'Oh wow. People really like this show. They're into this.' I can generally comprehend why people love the show. I think it's the stuff that we all kind of felt when we were shooting the pilot that would resonate, but the individual things or who's going to respond to what character when or what story point, that stuff you never really know."

While it's rare for Grodman to put on pants to play his character, he admitted it felt a bit strange when he did for Thursday's episode. But, he didn't shut down the idea of Trevor being seen with pants sometime down the line.

"When I put on pants for the first time in episode 16, it is very empowering to wear pants. When you compare the no pants to the pants, you feel much more empowered when you have pants on, so it was a lovely luxury. But alas, I will be saying goodbye [to the pants again]," Grodman said. "Who knows what happens in the future? The great thing, and this is something that I noticed when I first read the pilot, this concept and our writers, they can go anywhere. There's truly no saying what's going to happen, which I think is part of the thrill of watching the show, which is any given episode... the world is your oyster. So, there's a chance. Maybe I will have some pants in the future."

But one hope he does have for the second season? For McIver to channel Trevor.

"My options are limited. I only have Utkarsh [Ambudkar] and Rose [McIver] in terms of the people who are around. But I have to tell you, to see Rose do Trevor? That would be amazing," Grodman forecasted. "Trevor would love it for every reason that is thoroughly inappropriate that you could possibly imagine. And I know Rose would be amazing at it. So, I think if she's going to get possessed, let it be Trevor."

Ghosts airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. 

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