Gina Rodriguez Directs CBS' 'Good Sam': See Behind-the-Scenes Photos (Exclusive)

Rodriguez steps behind the camera for the Jan. 19 episode and marks a 'Jane the Virgin' reunion.

Gina Rodriguez is stepping behind the camera on Good Sam.

The actress directs the Jan. 19 episode of CBS' freshman medical drama, which stars Sophia Bush and Jason Isaacs. Rodriguez's turn in the director's chair marks a Jane the Virgin reunion between her and Bush, who guest starred in the dramedy's final season, as well as executive producer Jennie Snyder Urman, who also produces Good Sam.

Only ET has the exclusive behind-the-scenes photos of a masked-up Rodriguez in action on the Toronto-based Good Sam set as she leads the episode, titled "Butt of the Joke," and as she reunites with Bush and Urman.

Ramona Diaconescu/CBS
Ramona Diaconescu/CBS
Ramona Diaconescu/CBS
Ramona Diaconescu/CBS

The action picks up when Dr. Sam Griffith (Bush) refuses to concede her role as chief and her father, Griff (Isaacs), orchestrates a costly surprise. Sam’s mother, hospital administrator Vivian (Wendy Crewson), turns to her new spouse, therapist Asher Pyne (Sendhil Ramamurthy, who makes his first appearance in Tuesday's hour), for help navigating the battle between her daughter and ex-husband.

Good Sam follows Sam, a talented heart surgeon who finds her place at the top of the food chain as the new chief of surgery after her boss falls into a coma. Her boss happens to be her father, the arrogant and difficult but iconic Dr. Rob "Griff" Griffith, who's never respected Sam's brilliance in the operating room or in life. When he wakes up from his coma months later, Sam is stuck with the difficult task of supervising him while navigating the treacherous waters of a father who's never respected her.

Recently, Bush shared the advice she would offer to Sam.

"We're both women really learning to own our worth and really stepping into their own power and saying, 'I'm good at this and I deserve to be here and I earned my place here and I fought to be here and me being in charge makes sense,' and that is not a lesson that any of us learn quickly," the actress and producer told ET. "It's a lot of fun to be having that experience, to be reminded of that by my co-workers and also by my dearest friends and to see Sam being reminded by her dear friends and co-workers as well. There's a lot in this whole experience that has that sort of stardust or sparkle on it. It feels very kismet. There's magic in the air here."

Good Sam airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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