'GLOW' Season 2 Gets a Premiere Date and a Fun New Teaser

Alison Brie Glow

Are you ready to rumble?

Are you ready to rumble?

On Wednesday, Netflix announced that the second season of GLOW -- which is about the real-life, all-female professional wrestling show of the 1980s -- will premiere on June 29. 

In anticipation of the new episodes, the cast stars in a fun music video to the tune of Michael Sembello's 1983 hit, "Maniac," which was famously featured in the movie Flashdance.

In the teaser, Alison Brie, who plays leading lady Ruth Wilder, and Betty Gilpin, who plays her frenemy, Debbie Eagan, join their co-stars for an oh-so '80s lip-sync rendition of the upbeat tune.

That is until Marc Maron, who portrays their boss, Sam Sylvia, breaks up the party. "Hey! What is going on here?" he exclaims. "We got a show to do. What is this? C'mon, let's go!"

Back when the show was just premiering, ET caught up with Brie and Gilpin, who shared what initially attracted them to the series.

“I knew nothing about wrestling beforehand,” Gilpin admitted. “And then when I started looking into it for GLOW, it's so theatrical and it's storyline-driven and there's these crazy characters. It was really easy to connect to.”

Brie added that in addition to learning their lines, the cast also endured a lot of training sessions before getting into the ring. 

“All of our matches are heavily choreographed, unlike real wrestling, which is like a crazy high form of physical improv,” she explained. “We trained for a month before shooting the show and we continued to train for the three and a half months that we shot the show… They were really keyed into keeping us safe and teaching us the safest way to do things, but still you get a little banged up.”

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