'GLOW' Star Betty Gilpin Dishes on Liberty Bell's Makeup -- Learn How to Get the Look! (Exclusive)

Betty Gilpin GLOW Makeup
Courtesy MAC Cosmetics

What's more badass than the wrestling action on Netflix's hit show GLOW? The bold, over-the-top makeup looks, of course! 

As the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling channel their alter egos in the ring, they sport show-stopping beauty looks, which often feature heaps of blue eyeshadow, metallic lips, and of course, glitter! 

ET's Kristen Gill sat down exclusively with GLOW's Emmy-nominated makeup designer and artist Lana Horochowski, who previously worked on Mad Men, Masters of Sex and The Last Tycoon, at the MAC x GLOW demonstration event. 

"It’s like a little girl’s dream, right?" gushed Horochowski on working on the set of GLOW. "Color, glitter, singing and dancing and when everyone’s sitting on set and messing around ... we just laugh all day. We have the best time. We’re like back in kindergarten and we're all little princesses getting to live out our fantasies -- it’s crazy. It’s dress-up every day. It’s really fun." 

Actress Betty Gilpin, who plays Lady Liberty opposite Alison Brie, expressed how important the authentic makeup is to her character. 

"Lana essentially creates Renaissance paintings of glitter glory," Gilpin praised. "It’s so much easier to make bigger, braver, crazier acting choices because Lana makes them on my face. The '80s and wrestling both lend themselves so easily to the campy, circusy side of life and Lana knocks it out of the park. Her juxtaposition of the super natural, laser-authentic 1985 day makeup and the over-the-top fantasy fire in a Barbie store world of Glow wrestling is always so fun to watch. And in turn we rise to the challenge -- if you’ve got an American flag in glitter on your face, you better step up to the risk plate. Watching her beautiful, subtle love letter to the makeup of the 1960s in Mad Men and now her 1985 fever dream…she’s the best there is and we are so insanely lucky to have her!" 

Betty Gilpin GLOW Makeup
Courtesy MAC Cosmetics

So, if you're a huge GLOW fan or just want to step out of your comfort zone, learn how to create Lady Liberty's glitzy patriotic beauty from the steps below straight from the expert! 

1. To achieve Lady Liberty's "God Bless the USA!" look, first prep the skin with Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels to de-puff and catch any glitter fall out.

2. Fill in the brows with Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pro Palette and apply concealer all over the eyelids as a base for eyeshadow color. This is essential as the cast is constantly moving and doing all their stunts, so the makeup needs to stay put! 

Betty Gilpin GLOW makeup chair
Courtesy MAC Cosmetics

3. Use MAC's Blacktrack eyeliner to define the eyes in a winged-out shape.

4. Then, mix a blue pigment with water and apply all over the lids (Horochowski spritzed it with a spray bottle). Do the same with white pigment to create a gradient, ombre effect from frosty white to cobalt blue from inner to outer corner of the eyes.

5. Using Ben Nye Glitter Glue, place blue, 3D silver and white glitters in an ombre effect following the pigments. 

6. Take two sets of MAC #2 lashes and for each eye, cut one in half and place on the middle of the lash line. Add a full lash on top to open up and round out the eyes, which provides balance to the heavy eye makeup. Coat lashes with Haute & Naughty Mascara

7. Remove eye gels and blend in the Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation onto the face and set with Loose Invisible Setting Powder for a ultra-matte finish. 

8. Apply blush in shade Frankly Scarlet on top of the cheeks, temples and into the hairline to mimic a "superhero mask." 

Betty Gilpin GLOW makeup glittery lips
Courtesy MAC Cosmetics

9. Saving the best for last, line the lips with Eye Kohl in Smolder. Apply Lipmix pigmented cream in Crimson all over the lips and glide on a clear lip gloss over it. Tack on ruby glitter specs all over the lips as the final step. 

Watch Betty Gilpin and Alison Brie spill secrets on season two in the video below.


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