Gov. Andrew Cuomo Reveals What 'Phase' He's at in His Dating Life

The New York governor made a virtual appearance on 'The Tonight Show.'

Now that New York is slowly opening back up after flattening the curve amid the coronavirus pandemic, it might be time for eligible bachelor Gov. Andrew Cuomo to get back out there. 

The 62-year-old politician appeared virtually on Monday's The Tonight Show to welcome host Jimmy Fallon and the show's crew back to 30 Rock studios after filming the late-night program from their homes for months. 

"New York is really open now that you’re doing your show again," Cuomo told the Tonight Show team. 

The subject then turned to Cuomo's dating life now that New York City is in phase three of reopening, which means outdoor dining is permitted. 

"What phase of dating are you currently in?" Fallon asked the governor. 

"Zero. I’m at phase zero on dating," Cuomo quipped. "There is no duration on phase zero. ...You could stay at phase zero for months."

Cuomo added, "I think New York will be fully reopened before I get out of phase zero on dating."

While he's not yet on the dating scene, Cristina Cuomo joked with ET that she has a "wait list of women" for her brother-in-law to ask out.

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