Gregg Sulkin Teases ‘Runaways’ Season 2 and What's to Come for Chase and Gert (Exclusive)


The actor stopped by for a Facebook Live with ET’s Katie Krause ahead of the Marvel teen drama’s season one finale.

The Runaways have run away!

On Tuesday, season one of Marvel’s super-powered teen drama ended with the kids on the lam after an epic showdown with their parents, who then frame them for the murder of Destiny, one of the Pride’s victims.

Gregg Sulkin, who stars as lacrosse player and brilliant engineer Chase Stein, said the jaw-dropping finale was his favorite episode of the series so far. “It literally looks like a feature film,” he raved to ET’s Katie Krause during a Facebook Live on Tuesday. “The special effects, the explosions, everything that happens is like… taking it to the next level.”

And while the relationships between the teens and their parents in the Pride have been all but blown to bits, the bonds between the group of high school heroes are only growing stronger -- including the budding romance between Chase and Gert (Ariela Barer), which Sulkin praised as “not your typical TV relationship.”

“I think both of them, at the start of the season, are very opposite people, opposite characters. And I think it’s nice to see… two worlds [come together],” he noted. “You may be different, you may share different opinions, but you can kind of put that aside and fall in love with a person’s heart. I think that is Chase and Gert throughout the first season.”

So, is it true love? Sulkin admitted he’s not sure, but assured fans that throughout the course of the show -- and the recently announced upcoming second season -- the pair will “probably continue to fall for each other.”

“The amazing part about the end of the first season is they’re both trying to figure out what it is,” he mused of the relationship. “Is it a teenage hookup? Is it a one-night kind of romance, a rendezvous? I think definitely by the end of season two, you’ll figure out where they’re going... You’ll [know] are they in this? Are they in it, or are they gonna go their separate ways?”

When it comes to his hopes for his character moving forward, Sulkin, 25, revealed that he’d like to see Chase spearhead the group dynamic, keeping the teens together as they fight to clear their names and take down the Pride.

“I would like Chase to take it upon himself -- maybe along with Alex -- to bring this group into becoming an unbreakable gang,” the actor said, adding that he’d also like to bring his real-life friendship with Rhenzy Feliz, who plays Alex, into the onscreen dynamic. “I would love for there to be some sort of Chase-Alex bro time… [In season one] we don’t like each other, and it would be nice to see us, like, sneak into a bar and get kicked out.”

As far as potential season two storylines go, Sulkin admitted he doesn’t know much, noting that showrunners Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage “keep us in the loop as much as we need to be in the loop.”

“Sometimes it’s not beneficial to know where our characters are headed, so that it’s more organic onscreen, to be in the mindset of how that character would be at that particular moment,” he admitted, adding that the show will “roughly” continue to follow the comic canon it’s based on. “We know where the show is sort of headed.”

However, there’s one comic storyline the actor definitely doesn’t want to play out in the Hulu adaptation.

“Rhenzy’s character dies in the comic. So I don’t want that to happen. I don’t want any of our cast members to pass away,” he said. “In the first season I knew my job was safe; however, when it comes to the second season, I will definitely be jumping to the back of the script and making sure that I’m not shot or blown through buildings or windows.”

The show doesn’t yet have a date for the season two premiere, but Sulkin said they'll start shooting new adventures in the next few months. “[Marvel] prides themselves on being this very secretive company,” he joked. “They build that anticipation with fans.”

Marvel’s Runaways is streaming now on Hulu.