Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley ‘Can’t Believe’ They're Having a Girl! Watch the Reveal (Exclusive)

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It’s a girl!

Only ET was inside Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley’s big reveal party on Sunday, where the former Real Housewives of Orange County stars learned their “miracle baby” is a girl. The pair couldn’t contain their excitement while chatting with ET just moments after learning the exciting news.

“We’re so excited!” Gretchen exclaims. “I can’t believe it.”

“We’ve been channeling girl, so we’re very, very excited that it was a girl,” Slade adds.

The couple, who just celebrated 10 years together, had been struggling to get pregnant for years, going through round after round of IVF in hopes of having a child together. Slade has two sons from a previous relationship and underwent a vasectomy before he and Gretchen started dating, complicating the process.

“This is my first [girl], and it’s such a magical moment,” Slade reflects. “It’s really something we were hoping for. I can’t believe it. I literally cannot believe it.”

“I have for many years been wanting a baby, as many people know, and I secretly always wanted a girl,” Gretchen shares. “I really wanted a girl so badly … But then, the best part, is, like, I always wanted to see Slade with a little girl, so it’s extra special because he just treats me like such a queen, and she’s gonna be his little princess and I’m just so excited about it.”

Gretchen, who is a little more than four months along, says now that she knows what she’s having, it’s time to get everything in order… though building the nursery might be a bit of an issue, seeing as the room they’re planning on using is currently acting as Gretchen’s mega-closet!

“Pretty much all our spare rooms are my closets right now,” she admits. “So, we’re gonna have to get rid of some of those clothes to make room for the baby.”

“Yes, now that we know the gender, we’re gonna start decorating,” she adds. “I have so many ideas. I’ve saved so many pictures, for boy or girl, but now that I know it’s a girl, I have to go delete all the boy stuff and do the girl stuff. No, maybe we’ll have a boy one day, too!”

“Gretchen is the only one who walks into a labor and delivery with her interior designer,” Slade quips.

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IT’S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🙌🏻🙏🏻❤️ I have prayed for you for what seems like my whole life my sweet precious baby girl!! 👼🏻 ————————————————————————-Yesterday was truly one of the happiest days of my life! And being able to share in the excitement with friends and family made my heart explode! ❤️ My dreams of having a baby and now a little girl have come true! Thank you Lord for being so faithful and fulfilling your promises to us! God is Good! As long of a journey as this has been the Lord has taught me patience and that it is all in his perfect timing! 🙏🏻 Still cannot believe I am going to be a mother and a mother to a sweet little girl! Thank you @scrcivf @drmarksurrey!! Slade and I are overjoyed and secretly were hoping and praying we would have a little girl (just because he already has two boys) We feel so blessed and thank all of our friends and family for being with us to celebrate such a special day and the arrival of our little girl in July!! ———————————————————————— There is sooo many people to thank that made yesterday so very special (and I am sorry in advance for bombarding your feed with the amazingness that happened yesterday) but we would like to give a huge thank you to our dear friends @titaniumsuccessgirl & @armanioc for hosting our gender reveal party at their beautiful home and helping make every detail perfect! @creativefloraldirector_bw, you as well, are an incredible friend who helped make yesterday everything I dreamed of!! Love you guys sooo much! 😘❤️ ———————————————————————— Can’t wait to share all the other videos, pics, and details of all the amazing vendors who participated in making yesterday’s event epic!! ————————————————————————-Thank you to @poofthereitisreveals for the most spectacular confetti poppers you see in these videos! They literally made the party so very special for us and all our guests! In my opinion they have the most amazing poppers on the market! So look them up for your next party or gender reveal event! 🙌🏻❤️ You will not be disappointed!! Swipe left 👈🏻 or check out my highlight reel above 👆🏻 to catch all the fun at this event!

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Gretchen and Slade learned the happy news in front of family and friends, who gathered at a private estate in Laguna Hills, California, to watch the couple pop open confetti cannons, from Poof There It Is! Reveal Company, that shot pink across the sky. The backyard was lavishly decorated with pink and blue decor from designer Samira Nosrati, The Balloon Box and celebrity florist George Ortega, while guests dined on baby-themed confections provided by Simply Sweets LA, My Sugar Sweets, Regal Delights, Jason’s Catered Events and Sub Zero Ice Cream.

“We just had our big anatomy ultrasound, where they check everything, and the baby was perfect,” Slade shares. “Right on time, size, growth, due date. Right on the money.”

“Yeah, they said everything looked great and the doctor was like, ‘Do you want to know?’ And we’re like, no!” Gretchen adds. “‘We have a big gender reveal party! You can’t tell us!’ But he was like, ‘Everything looks so perfect with the baby.’”

The duo says they have names picked out for their daughter, who is due in June, but they’re not quite ready to share that news.

“Even though we’ve talked about names, and thought about what we want, I think when you see the child for the first time, it’s gonna come to you,” Slade says.

For more on Gretchen and Slade’s journey to parenthood, check out the video below.

Reporting by Adriane Schwartz. Footage provided by @rec.everything.


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