'Grey's Anatomy' First Look: Addison's Back! See Kate Walsh's Anticipated Return

She's baaack!

She's baaack!

Grey's Anatomy is about to get spicy when Kate Walsh kicks off her multi-episode arc as Dr. Addison Montgomery starting next Thursday. In a 45-second first look released after tonight's episode, Walsh's re-emergence at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital is just what the doctor ordered.

"I'm Addison Montgomery," she reintroduces herself to the class of residents in the juicy teaser. "And you must be the group that's been screwing up the program."

If that's not enough to get excited about Addison's return, ABC also featured an early look at Addison back in the operating room as she and Richard Webber banter back and forth like no time's passed. In the scene, Richard breaks the bad news to Addison about the hospital's A/C being down, jeopardizing her patient's surgery. Addison, however, isn't even the least bit worried.

"Richard, I can handle a little heat," she says, even after he tells her she needs to close her patient up to decrease the chance of infection. But Addison's isn't budging, confident she's able to complete the surgery successfully. 

"Then find a way to double your speed," Richard argues, prompting Addison to fire back, "Find me a set of hands as experienced in microvascular anastomosis of the abdomen." They both know who she's referring to as they have a stare-down. 

"Get me Meredith Grey," Addison demands.

Here's the official synopsis for next week's episode, titled "Hotter Than Hell": Seattle’s favorite redhead returns and graces the Grey Sloan halls with her experience and expertise as she attempts to help Richard teach the newest crop of residents. Meanwhile, Meredith has a decision to make, and Link confides in Teddy.

In September, Ellen Pompeo teased Walsh's anticipated return, calling the former Grey's and Private Practice star "amazing."

"Kate's amazing," Pompeo told ET on the Emmys red carpet. "That's one of my favorite things about the show right now is having original cast members come back. It's so fun and so nostalgic and we all have such an incredible bond that's kind of hard to describe and it's been a lot of fun having everybody come back."

Walsh first made her debut as Addison in the dramatic final moments of the season 1 finale of Grey's in 2005, when her surprise arrival in Seattle complicated her then-husband Derek Shepherd's romantic relationship with then-intern Meredith Grey. Walsh remained a series regular for seasons 2 and 3 before transitioning to lead Private Practice, which ran for six seasons until 2013.

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. For more, watch below.

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