'Grey's Anatomy' Star Camilla Luddington Teases Upcoming Episodes After Justin Chambers' Exit

The actress teased what's to come after this week's shocking episode.

Camilla Luddington is just as excited about what's to come on Grey's Anatomy as fans are.

Following Justin Chambers and his character, Alex Karev's, shocking exit this week, the actress took to social media on Saturday to post a photo of herself reading scripts for the upcoming episodes. When one fan wrote, "I love that we still have Jo. Can't wait to see what's next for her," Luddington couldn't help but tease what's in store for her character.    

"Omg me too! The scripts for Jo this season are [shocked emoji faces]! JUST. WAIT," she wrote back, which got fans even more fired up.


On Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy, it was revealed in letters Alex wrote to Meredith, Jo, Bailey and Webber that he reunited with his former flame, Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl), and that they were raising their two young children together on a farm in Kansas. The shocking revelation left many fans with their jaws on the floor, surprised that Alex would abandon his marriage to his wife, Jo, and return to a relationship that had seemingly been dead for 10 seasons. 

“It is nearly impossible to say goodbye to Alex Karev. That is as true for me and for all of the writers at Grey’s Anatomy as it is for the fans," showrunner and executive producer Krista Vernoff said in a statement to ET following  the episode. "We have loved writing Alex. And we have loved watching Justin Chambers’ nuanced portrayal of him."

"For 16 seasons, 16 years, we have grown up alongside Alex Karev. We have been frustrated by his limitations and we have been inspired by his growth and we have come to love him deeply and to think of him as one of our very best friends," Vernoff continued. "We will miss him terribly. And we will always be grateful for his impact, on our show, on our hearts, on our fans, on the world."

Ellen Pompeo posted a touching message on Friday, where she defended Alex's surprising reunion with Izzie, calling it "the best send-off."

"For me personally for Karev to go back to the beginning.... was the best possible storyline," she wrote. It pays homage to those incredible first years and the incredible cast ...that created a foundation so strong that the show is still standing. So let’s not be sad."

See more on Alex's farewell episode in the video above. 



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