Gwen Stefani Reveals What's Sexiest About 'Sexiest Man Alive' Blake Shelton (Exclusive)

The mother of three also dishes on her 'lucky' kids' Christmas lists!

Blake Shelton may have just been named People's Sexiest Man Alive, but he always had that title in Gwen Stefani's eyes. 

ET's Nancy O'Dell sat down with the 48-year-old singer on Tuesday, just before the announcement, where she revealed what she finds sexiest about her boyfriend of two years. 

"I heard that [he might be the Sexiest Man Alive] and I was like, 'Let me think about this.' That makes me look pretty rad," she joked. "If it happens, OK. That would be cool, really cool." 

"What defines sexy?" she asked. "I think somebody that is humble, kind, down to earth, talented, on the top of their game, should I keep going?" 

"I think I'm his biggest fan," Stefani adorably added. 

The mother of three is definitely a big enough fan to ask Shelton to duet on her new album, You Make It Feel Like Christmas. Stefani, who also sings a couple of songs inspired by her beau, opened up to ET about why Christmas is such a special time of year for her. 

"I'm a huge Christmas maniac. I have the greatest parents. They still make Christmas great for us and I think it's just something that you grow up with," she explained. "It's just a big deal, and I think Christmas, as you grow older, is such a time where you just reassess yourself and [is] that time of year where you're just looking back and you're looking forward and there's just a lot going on." 

"There's a lot of joy. There's a lot of sadness and confusion. It's just a magical time of the year, and when we have children, it's the greatest time to give that to them," she continued. "They really have that spirit built in, so you kind of get to relive everything again. So I love it. I love Christmas." 

Stefani, who dedicated her album to her three sons, revealed that Kingston, Zuma and Apollo already have their Christmas lists ready. 

"King is really into brands... It's funny because he'll be like, 'Wait, you know the guy who does Moschino?' I'm like, 'Yeah.' And he's like, 'Can you get it for me?' I'm like, 'I'm not getting you it.' He's like, 'OK. I want Gucci,'" she recalled. "No fifth grader is getting Gucci! No offense, Gucci. I love you guys."

"Its unbelievable, the life that they have," Stefani confessed. "I had an incredible life. My parents were just so loving. [They] met when they were in high school [and] are still together. All they ever wanted was us...But my kids are pretty lucky. They're really spoiled. They get really crazy."

"They don't have Gucci," she insisted. "Although, [Kingston] had on my Gucci tennis shoes last night, without socks. I was like, 'You need to get those off. Those are mine. Those are mine!'"

See more on Stefani in the video below. 

You Make It Feel Like Christmas is available now. Stefani's holiday special airs Dec. 12 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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