Gwyneth Paltrow Learns What 'Snatched' Means Thanks to Her Daughter Apple and Kim Kardashian

The teachable moment came as the Goop founder unboxed a delivery from Kim Kardashian West.

Gwyneth Paltrow is trying to keep up with the times. The 49-year-old actress took to her Instagram Story on Wednesday to share videos of herself unboxing a delivery of the latest products from Kim Kardashian West's SKIMS line.

Paltrow turned to her 17-year-old daughter, Apple, to help her with her first unboxing ever, and she even learned a new term along the way.

"I'm trying to learn the lingo," Paltrow wrote alongside one video that showed her holding up a bodysuit and asking Apple what the garment is for.

"This is so you can get nice and snatched," Apple told her mom, who went on to question what the term meant.

Instagram / Gwyneth Paltrow

In a follow-up clip, Paltrow wrote, "I have now learned that 'snatched' means I am killin it (?)," though she still seemed confused by the slang term.

"Do you feel snatched?" Apple asked, with Paltrow replying with a question of her own, inquiring, "Is this going to make me snatched?"

"Yeah. 100 percent," Apple, who previously teased her mom on TikTok, assured her. "It's gonna snatch the house down."

Instagram / Gwyneth Paltrow

In addition to Apple, Paltrow shares a 15-year-old son, Moses, with her ex-husband, Chris Martin. When ET spoke to Paltrow in support of her new Netflix series Sex, Love & Goop, the actress revealed the sex advice she gives her teenage kids.

"I think the main thing that nobody ever tells you, is you have to stay really close to your own truth and you have to stay really in integrity with that truth," she told ET. "Because when you are in a relationship and you are not being your full self, you are sublimating things or you are white knuckling through something, and I think it can be pretty damaging to how you feel about yourself."

Paltrow continued, "I will always just encourage my children to really listen to themselves, listen to their instincts, listen if something feels right, and to act from that place."