Gwyneth Paltrow Posts Pic Alongside Chris Martin While at Daughter Apple’s High School Graduation

The trio posed for a pic in honor of Apple's big day Thursday.

It was a family affair at Apple Martin's high school graduation! Gwyneth Paltrow took to her Instagram Story Thursday to share a photo alongside her ex, Chris Martin and their daughter Apple, in honor of her big day. The proud parents had huge grins on their faces as they celebrated Apple graduating from high school.

The Goop founder was wearing a cream hat, and held onto her sunglasses, while Martin dressed dapper for the occasion, rocking a navy blue tie and black suit jacket as he wrapped his arm around Apple who donned a green graduation gown.

"Congratulations to all of the graduates especially @applemartin." Paltrow wrote over the family photo. Underneath, she included a sticker that read, "Class of 2022."


Paltrow has often posted about the special bond she shares with her daughter Apple. In March, the 49-year-old actress took to Instagram on to with all the women in her life a happy International Women's Day, including her 18-year-old daughter.

The post featured a screenshot of a FaceTime conversation Paltrow had with Apple.

In the post, Paltrow said she had spent the morning thinking about "all of the incredible women" she has "known since kindergarten or 7th grade, who are more strongly in my life than almost ever."

But Paltrow wanted to also "pay tribute to one (technically almost) woman on the cusp of it," she continued in her caption. "This woman gives me hope for the future of sisterhood, and for the future of our planet. And this woman has made me the woman I am today more than anyone else."

Paltrow, who also shares 15-year-old son Moses with Martin, has a special bond with Apple. Back in October, Paltrow revealed during an episode of the Armchair Expert podcast that she nearly died while giving birth to Apple. 

"I had two caesareans," she said of her children's births. "My daughter was an emergency. It was crazy. We almost died. It was not good."

While Paltrow didn't elaborate on the complications on the podcast, back in 2006, she called her 70-hour-long labor "traumatic." 

"We started having some trouble and they had to do an intervention," Paltrow told ABC News at the time. "It was a traumatic experience. I won't lie. But it was worth every minute. It's amazing. I came out of it thinking, 'Well, I would have amputated my legs for her.' So that [labor] was nothing."

For more on the famous family, check out the video below.



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