Gwyneth Paltrow Says Grimes and Elon Musk Beat Her and Chris Martin for 'Most Controversial Baby Name'

Gwyneth Paltrow
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

The actress couldn't help herself weighing in on the eccentric moniker.

Even Gwyneth Paltrow has some thoughts about the unique moniker Elon Musk and Grimes gave their newborn baby!

After hearing the headline-making news that the two named their child X Æ A-12, the 47-year-old actress reacted in a comment left on InStyle's Instagram account.

"#chrismartin I think we got beat for most controversial baby name," joked Paltrow, who shares two kids -- daughter Apple, 15, and son Moses, 14 -- with ex-husband Chris Martin

Fans were thrilled with the epic response, writing things like, "OMG, QUEEN! I love this so much," "I wish I could like this 100 times," and "LMAO. You win the internet today!"

Earlier this week, Musk, 48, and Grimes, 32, had Twitter in a tizzy when they tried to explain how to pronounce their baby's confusing name, and the meaning behind it. However, it appears even they don't agree on it!

"Well, first of all, it was my partner [Grimes] who actually mostly came up with the name. She's brilliant," Musk gushed on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. "So, it's just X, the letter X, and then the Æ is pronounced Ash."

Musk added that his contribution to the name is A-12, which is an ode to the Archangel 12, the "precursor to SR-71, the coolest plane ever."

So according to Musk, his son's name is X Ash Archangel Twelve. "It's great," he said proudly.

However, Grimes told one of her Twitter followers that "it’s just X, like the letter X, then A.I. Like how you said the letter A then I."

ET also previously reported that while neither Grimes nor Musk have confirmed where she gave birth, many fans believe the baby was born in California. If the singer did in fact give birth there, as numerous media outlets have reported, the name would not be accepted by the state. 

In California, you are only to use the 26 letters in the alphabet for a baby name, and an apostrophe if needed. Numbers, Roman numerals, emojis, accents or other symbols are not acceptable.

X Æ A-12 is Musk's sixth child, and his first with Grimes. Hear more in the video below!