Gypsy Rose Blanchard's Engagement Is Back On After Brief Breakup

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It's back on between Gypsy Rose Blanchard and her fiance, Ken.

Blanchard, whose life story was the subject of Hulu's The Act, had split from Ken, E! Newsreported on Wednesday. However, on Thursday, 28-year-old Blanchard's stepmother told the outlet that the two are now back together but "taking it slow."

"I talked to Gypsy. They are back together just taking things slow and are keeping their personal lives personal from here on out," Gypsy's stepmother, Kristy Blanchard, said. "When they are ready to talk about their future plans they will. Until then we will keep their relationship out of the media."

ET has reached out for comment.

Blanchard, who is currently serving a 10-year prison sentence after the 2015 murder of her mother, Dee Dee Blanchard, got engaged to Ken in April after they met through the prison's pen pal program.

Gypsy Rose and Dee Dee's story of murder and abuse is detailed in The Act, starring Patricia Arquette as Dee Dee and Joey King as Gypsy.

The drama series follows Dee Dee, a woman with Munchausen syndrome by proxy, a mental illness that led to her making her young daughter, Gypsy Rose, purposely sick to gain attention and sympathy from others.

ET was on set during the filming of the harrowing series, and spoke with the show's stars about the nuances of their dark characters and how they got inside of the minds of the real-life people they portray.

"For years [she] kept Gypsy prisoner in a wheelchair, you know, had her have operations she didn't need, she had a feeding tube [even though] she could swallow fine," King said of her character. "It was just so many years of lies and imprisonment."

According to Arquette, she approached the character of Dee Dee not as if she were playing someone who was disturbed, but instead as if she truly had the best intentions for her daughter.

"Dee Dee believes all of this is necessary," Arquette explained. "She kind of thinks that she's smarter than the doctors, so she really does think that her daughter does need these things."

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