Halle Bailey Reveals 'The Little Mermaid' Moment That Made Her Cry (Exclusive)

'I’m just always in awe,' Bailey told ET.

One particular moment from The Little Mermaid made Halle Bailey emotional. ET's Deidre Behar spoke to the 22-year-old singer and actress at Variety's Power of Young Hollywood event on Thursday, and, after telling ET that "little clips" from the film made her cry back in June, she's now revealing the specific scene that got the waterworks flowing.

"It was the reprise that I saw... that was a moment where I cried," Bailey said. "It’s part 2 of 'Part of Your World,' later in the film where she's on the rock."

"I’m just always in awe," she added of her involvement in the project. "That was the main [emotional] moment for me."

As for which Little Mermaid song is her favorite, Bailey simply couldn't pick.

"It’s so exciting 'cause there’s new songs as well as the old ones," she said. "The iconic ones are amazing... All of them are beautiful. I don’t wanna give too much away."

Bailey went on to describe her take on Ariel as "fun, passionate and loving," before sharing what it means to her to being playing the second Black Disney princess.

"I just hope people love it," she said. "I hope my amazing little brothers, sisters, cousins, my family, my community, we all see it and be like, 'You know what? We can be princesses too. This is amazing.'"

In addition to The Little Mermaid,  Bailey is appearing in the upcoming film version of the musical adaption of The Color Purple. When it comes to which member of star-studded cast she was most excited to work with, Bailey pointed to Fantasia Barrino.

"I've always been a fan of her, like, an immense fan," Bailey said. "Her voice, her spirit, her anointment is just so beautiful. She's so kind and a beautiful person inside and out. I cannot wait for everyone to see what she does with this role."

With several upcoming high-profile projects, it's no wonder that Bailey was included in Variety's Power of Young Hollywood issue.

"Oh my gosh, I’m just so honored to be here and to be on the cover," Bailey told ET. "It feels like a dream. I’m just like, 'What the heck is happening?'"