'Handmaid's Tale' Cast Teams Up With Planned Parenthood for PSA on Abortion Rights: 'This Is Our Reality'

Elisabeth Moss
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The men and women from The Handmaid's Tale are banding together in support of abortion rights.

Ahead of Wednesday's all-new episode, some of the stars from the hit series teamed up with HarpersBazaar.com and Planned Parenthood for a PSA about women's healthcare in America with one clear message: "When we start restricting access to abortion, our country takes one step closer to Gilead."

Throughout the two-minute video, Elisabeth Moss (June), Samira Wiley, (Moira), Ann Dowd (Aunt Lydia), Madeline Brewer (Janine), Amanda Brugel (Rita), Max Minghella (Nick), and Bradley Whitford (Commander Lawrence) talk about the importance of reproductive healthcare and why restricting safe, legal access is detrimental to our country.

"We are in a public health crisis. This is not Gilead. This is not The Handmaid's Tale," the cast explains. "This is not a book. This is not a TV show. This is America. This is our reality."

"Access to reproductive care is under attack," the stars add. "Denying access to safe, legal abortion care is dangerous and deadly. Banning abortion is not going to stop abortion; banning abortions will only stop safe, legal abortions. Access to safe and legal abortion is a constitutional right."

The cast encourages their fans to start making a difference on their own by texting RESIST to 22422, where you'll learn more about Planned Parenthood's fight to safeguard abortion access and preserve the quality of women's healthcare. Watch below:

The video is in response to recent abortion legislation and politicians like Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, who signed a law last month that would ban abortion as soon as doctors can detect a heartbeat, as early as six weeks, before some women are even aware they're pregnant. If the law is passed, physicians would be required to determine if there is a heartbeat before performing an abortion. Weeks later, similar bills were signed in Louisiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Mississippi and more. 

ET spoke with Moss earlier this month in New York City, where she reacted to the show's now-iconic handmaid costumes becoming a symbol of resistance and a reminder of women's rights, most recently during the abortion law protests in states like Alabama and Georgia.

Handmaid's Tale
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"It's incredible and it's such an honor, honestly," Moss said of women wearing replicas of the costumes to make a statement. "To see that there's this one costume, this one look that if you take one look at, you know what that person is fighting for, you know whose side they're on, and you know what they believe in. To have a visual representation like that, there are very few things that that can do and that's what I get to put on every day. That is pretty cool."

"I get to wear that at work and I feel very kind of honored to do that," she continued. "Those women inspire me, so the fact that they're out there, they're actually -- I'm an actor. I'm doing a TV show. These women are actually on the front lines and they're actually doing the work. So, I get inspired by them wearing the costume."

Hear more in the video below.


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