Hannah Berner on New Talk Show, New Man and 'Summer House' Season 5 (Exclusive)

The 'Summer House' star video chats with ET about her new talk show, 'Bravo's Chat Room,' and her new boyfriend, Des Bishop.

Hannah Berner has entered the chat. Well, a couple of chats. She's video chatting with ET and gearing up for the new virtual talk show Bravo's Chat Room.

"I feel like Charlie Angels, but with Andy [Cohen] as the executive producer, who was like, you, you and you, let's come together and let’s make some TV magic," the Summer House star tells ET of her new gig, co-hosting a late-night chat fest alongside some fellow Bravolebs: The Real Housewives of Potomac's Gizelle Bryant, The Real Housewives of Atlanta's Porsha Williams and former Below Deck star Kate Chastain, who also serves as an executive producer on the project.

"We're like the Power Rangers and we're ready to talk some serious s**t," the 28-year-old teases of the project. "It's like you're inside Bravo’s locker room, if that makes sense. Like, we took a break from filming and there's a locker room and we're like, what just happened? And I couldn't be more proud to be on a panel with such amazing women."

The co-hosts promise to dish on the latest headlines (both Bravo-related and not), spill behind-the-scenes secrets about their shows, and open up about their personal lives, a topic Hannah admits has already caught her some flak from her co-stars.

"I have a new boyfriend and I can't stop talking about it and they're making fun of me," she confesses. Hannah's new man would be comedian Des Bishop, with whom she's currently living. The pair first started following each other on Instagram years ago (after Hannah saw him perform a stand-up set and thought he was "so cute") but didn't connect on the app until this summer, after Des noticed Hannah posted a photo with Real Housewives of New York City star Luann de Lesseps out on Shelter Island on July 9.

"He has a place in West Hampton and was like, 'Hey, are you out East? Let’s get coffee,' and then we've just been hanging out, which is wild because I was so single," Hannah explains. "I hadn't had sex in, like, seven months. So, it was a refreshing surprise during quarantine."

The couple hasn’t spent a ton of time together yet (they were separated for six weeks while Hannah shot season 5 of Summer House), but they are already saying "I love you." Des even hinted that Hannah could be "the one" during an interview on the Irish radio show Sunday With Miriam.

"I've fallen in love with a woman during the pandemic," he gushed. "I would be confident that I will certainly make an effort that it is 'it,' because it feels like it is 'the one.'"

"It's wild," Hannah says of the whirlwind romance. "Normally I'm the one talking s**t on podcasts about my significant others and they get mad at me, but he's all over every podcast."

For the record, Hannah has also talked about Des on podcasts, specifically on Barstool Sports' Call Her Daddy. She shared a NSFW story about an encounter the two had at an outdoor shower on the beach on the show, a tale Des is apparently totally fine with the world knowing.

"He told all his friends to listen to it," she claims. "He loved it!"

Hannah says the relationship is serious (and yes, Des has Hannah's Summer House BFF Paige DeSorbo's stamp of approval), but she's not quite ready to declare the 44-year-old comic "the one."

"I feel like he knows when he knows, and I'm younger and, like, figuring myself out," she says. "But we still love each other, we're pretty deep. … With a lot of younger guys, I feel like I have to fix them or teach them a lot of things, but with him I don't have to be a project manager. He has ex-girlfriends who fixed him. So, we'll see how it goes moving forward. It's still fairly new."

Hannah teases to "wait and see" when asked if she and Des have double dated with Paige and her boyfriend, restaurateur Perry Rahbar, hinting that fans might see that moment play out on Summer House's new season. Viewers will also find out what went down between Hannah and Luke Gulbranson after season 4 wrapped. Last summer left off with Hannah and housemate Luke seemingly interested in pursuing a romance of their own.

"Everything gets answered, don't worry," she offers, noting that any Luke-Hannah shippers should hold off judgment until the season airs.

"Maybe they'll be happy for me once they learn more about Des," she adds.

Hannah and her Summer House castmates filmed the new season under different circumstances. The coronavirus pandemic changed the game when it came to producing the show, which previously only followed the cast on weekend stays in the Hamptons with a handful of moments of them in action back in New York City during the week. This time, the stars didn't leave the share house. They lived together non-stop for the summer, cameras capturing their every move 24/7.

"I just feel so fortunate that Bravo's priority was our health and safety, and they figured out how to make the best show -- the best season we've ever had -- while keeping everyone safe," Hannah says. "I just feel so fortunate to be able to make great TV, during such a crazy time." 

The Berning in Hell podcast host does admit that the roommates got on each other's nerves a little more than usual thanks to the non-stop shooting schedule.

"Let's just say that Bravo's Chat Room has been a much more enjoyable experience," she notes.

Bravo's Chat Room kicks off with its first episode on Sunday, Sept. 27, immediately after Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen. New episodes will air Sundays and Wednesdays in that time slot through Oct. 5.


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