Hannibal Buress' Disorderly Conduct Charge Dropped


Hannibal Buress won't face charges after his disorderly conduct arrest.

The comedian's lawyer, Brian Bieber, told ET on Thursday that charges against the Buress have been dropped after the comedian was taken in for asking a police officer to call him an Uber late last year.

“We are extremely pleased that the prosecutors took a careful look at the facts and listened to what we presented to them and agreed to dismiss the case in its entirety," Bieber said in a statement.

“In Florida, it’s protected First Amendment speech to ask a police officer to call you an Uber," he added. "It’s certainly not a crime and when coming from a professional comedian it’s actually quite funny. Unfortunately for Hannibal, the arresting officers didn’t think so.”

Buress was arrested in December in Miami, Florida, according to the Miami Police Department.

The Miami Police Department tweeted the news last year writing that the 34-year-old comedian was arrested for disorderly intoxication at approximately 10:30 p.m.

Miami police tweeted the news after a video was posted to social media of what appears to be Buress getting arrested.

“Am I under arrest? For what?” Buress asks two police officers in the video. “Explain what I’m detained for. What I am detained for?”

“For trespassing,” an officer replies.

Buress was booked into a Miami-Dade jail at 1:57 a.m. and posted bail just before 6 a.m., the Miami Heraldreports.

On Sunday, Buress tweeted a gif of himself "bustin' through."

ET obtained Buress' mugshot on Monday.

Miami-Dade Corrections

ET has reached out to Buress' rep for comment.

In June, Buress caused a stir on social media when he sent a lookalike to the Spider-Man: Homecoming premiere to pose as himself. Watch the bizarre stunt below:


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