Hanson Brothers Say They're Done Having Kids, Reflect on 30th Anniversary as a Band (Exclusive)

Isaac, Taylor and Zac have 15 children between them.

Hanson is working with what they've got. In a new interview with ET's Katie Krause, Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson opened up about their evolution over their three decades as a band -- and say they're done having kids. 

The Hanson family is notoriously large -- 40-year-old Isaac has three kids, 35-year-old Zac has five and 38-year-old Taylor recently welcomed baby No. 7. 

"We've all been incredibly blessed with amazing kids and amazing families. I've always taken it one at a time, that led us to seven, so I'm just going to hold right now," Taylor quipped, as Zac said his wife has informed him she's "done." 

"My youngest is seven years old," Isaac added, "so I don't think we're starting over anytime soon." 

The next generation of Hansons range in age from 18 years to 2 months, but the band has still found time to make new music. Their seventh studio release, Against the World, is set to drop in seven consecutive monthly singles. Their new song, "Annalie," is out now, and they're holding a summer concert series from July to October at Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with each show highlighting different eras of the band's career. Hanson also has a world tour planned for 2022.

"It probably feels like a kid thinking about Christmas. For us, that's what we live for -- traveling around, meeting people, this ability to create those intangibles that happen when strangers get in a room and sing along together," Zac said. "There's something I think really important about that just for the soul of the world." 

Just as connecting with new fans has offered inspiration, so has fatherhood. 

"It becomes more important that idea of, what's the legacy you're leaving? As you know, you're leaving that to your kids, and you're talking to your kids through the art you make. And so I think it's just that much more important that you're speaking from the heart," Zac expressed. 

Family seems to be the tie that binds the brothers, even amid Taylor's work with his other band, Tinted Windows, and Zac and Isaac's other projects. 

"We continue to do things that are about challenging ourselves. I know that everybody has different creative interests and things that people like to express," Taylor said. "Zac has been a visual artist, Isaac's done some producing. I love to work with other artists songwriting."

"I think what's cool about where we are now is we have all this history behind us, but in the grand scheme of things, we have still potentially so many years ahead that I feel like what's around the corner for us is that opportunity to diversify and connect with other people you're passionate about, other projects," he continued. "There's many bands that started at 28 or 30. So I think the sky's the limit." 

And a possible collaboration with Haim could be in their future. 

"We have discussed Haimson," Taylor teased, fusing their names together. "We've met, we've hung out a few times and they're super, super fun. Great. We love their stuff, and they've been very complimentary about us over the years. I think the concept, it's like, 'Yes, this would be kind of ridiculous,' but there's no concrete plan. Just that kind of, 'What would happen?'" 

Isaac, Taylor and Zac gave their first performance as Hanson in 1992 -- meaning next year they'll celebrate their 30th anniversary. Reflecting on their career gets Isaac emotional.

"It still means something. Songs like 'MMMBop' still mean something deep and personal for me, and songs like 'This Time Around,' and songs like 'Reaching for the Sky,' songs like 'Siren Call.' They say things that I feel really, really proud of," he said.

As for how they'll mark their big year, the brothers say they have "a couple crazy ideas." 

"I think that we've got a couple crazy ideas up our sleeves and we're trying to decide which one, or ones, to do," Isaac shared. "The touring itself, I mean, that is definitely going to be a big part of it. The question is just how many projects should we attach to that tour or not?" 

"Definitely touring, definitely need to celebrate, definitely hoping to release more music after Against the World, there will be other projects," Zac added, teasing the band may even release some new music pre-Middle of Nowhere. 

"More than anything we just want to be connecting with those that have stuck with us, followed us, come to shows," Taylor shared. "The best way to celebrate having reached the landmark of three decades is to do what we feel like has kept us there, which is getting out, sharing music, and sharing the love through those songs with people that have been there with us." 

See more on Hanson in the video below.