Harrison Ford Comments on Carrie Fisher Revealing Their 'Star Wars' Affair: 'It Was Strange'

Peter Hapak/GQ

Harrison Ford is finally opening up about Carrie Fisher's Star Wars affair bombshell... kind of. 

In a new interview with GQ, the 75-year-old actor does his best to sidestep questions about the affair that Fisher revealed in her 2016 memoir, The Princess Diarist. 

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"It was strange. For me," he said of Fisher's book, which was released a month before her death last December. "[I was warned] to a degree." 

At the time of their affair on the set of Star Wars in 1976, Fisher was just 19. Ford was 33, and married to his first wife, Mary Marquardt, with two children. He and Marquardt later filed for divorce in 1976. 

"I don't know [what I thought of the book]," Ford tells GQ. "You know, with Carrie's untimely passing, I don't really feel that it's a subject that I want to discuss." 

The actor refuses to reveal if he wishes the memoir hadn't been written, but admits he "didn't" read it. 

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Fisher will make her final Star Wars appearance in the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and though Ford's character, Han Solo, was killed in The Force Awakens, the actor hasn't ruled out a return. 

"I mean, I'm finished with Star Wars if Star Wars is finished with me," he says. "I can't imagine [they're not finished with me]. But it is science fiction." 

“I'd rather not [return],” he adds. “You know, at this point I'd rather do something else. Just because it's more interesting to do something new.”