Harrison Ford Sips Scotch and Swaps Jokes During 'Tonight Show' Bonding Session with Jimmy Fallon


Harrison Ford and Jimmy Fallon bonded over scotch and silly jokes Thursday night, and the Blade Runner 2049 star was every bit as endearingly grouchy as you'd expect him to be.

During an interview on The Tonight Show, Fallon referenced the 75-year-old actor's recent GQ cover and offered up a glass of whisky, to which Ford asked, "Is this okay?"

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"I think we're allowed to do it," the late-night talk show host replied. "I mean, you're Harrison Ford. We're allowed to do whatever we want to do."

"No, not okay with you. Okay with my wife," clarified Ford, who is married to actress Calista Flockhart.

The duo then chalked up their boozy beverages to having a long day, and Fallon, 43, proposed doing what guys do best -- swapping jokes.

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"Are you Canadian?" the actor asked. "I'm just asking because there's so many Canadians. Canadian humorists."

"No, a lot of people think I'm Canadian, but I'm not," Fallon said, to which Ford dryly responded: "A lot of people think you're a humorist."

Fallon laughed and launched into a typical "guy walks into a bar" quip, while Ford's joke erred on the cleaner side with a diatribe about an ice fisherman.

For more on Ford, who co-stars in the highly anticipated Blade Runner sequel with Ryan Gosling, watch the clip below. Blade Runner 2049 hits theaters Oct. 6.