Harry Styles Moved to Tears As Gayle King Presents Him With Madison Square Garden Banner

The "As It Was" singer cried on stage while being honored for selling out the iconic venue for 15 consecutive nights.

Harry Styles wrapped his history-making 15-night residency at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night in tears. The "Late Night Talking" singer was surprised on stage by Gayle King during the encore of his set in New York City to receive a huge honor. 

"It's Gayle King!" Styles effused as she took the stage, his eyes lighting up in surprise. Styles and King then embraced in a huge hug before King took over the mic. 

"We have a surprise for you," she confessed. "We're all in Harry's House, right? Fifteenth consecutive night of sold-out shows. No artist has ever done that before." 

Then, a white banner with navy blue letters was raised. It reads, in jumbo font: "Harry Styles 15" with "15 Consecutive Nights at the Garden" underneath. 

Rich Fury/MSG Entertainment

Styles covered his mouth with his hand as he watched the signage go up, touching his heart briefly as he looked around at nearby fans. 

"We want to say 'Thank you' and, one final thing," King concluded, referencing his "As It Was" opening line, "We just want to say goodnight to you, Harry!"

Styles responded with a laugh as he began to pace the stage, wiping away tears with his hand before grabbing a tissue. After regaining his composure, Styles offered a heartfelt thank you speech to everyone from the MSG staff, to his band and openers Blood Orange, to his personal friends and family. 

Lloyd Wakefield

"There's a lot of people in the room tonight, on nights like this, that are so special for me and I just want to thank," he said. "There's so many people, again, tonight, who have supported me both professionally and personally throughout my life and I just want to say to all of you, thank you. I would not be on stage if it wasn't for you. Thank you all so much."

He continued, "I have so many incredible things to be lucky for in my life and I constantly continue to feel the most grateful and the most lucky for the people in my life. I want to thank you for being there for me."

Addressing his fans, he encouraged them "to tell the people in your life who you love that you love them. Spend time with them, it's the most important thing in the world. Turn to the person next to you, tell them you love them."

Of course, he also shouted out to his fans both old and new before taking the final bow of his residency.

"And finally, and most importantly, to each and every single one of you in this building tonight, I say thank you from the bottom, bottom, bottom of my heart," he gushed. "Whether you've been supporting me for five minutes, one year, five years, 12 years -- you have just changed my life over and over and over again and this is incredibly special."

His is one of only four music-related banners that currently hang from The Garden's rafters, making him the third artist to receive such an honor. Billy Joel has two banners -- one for his 129 shows there and another for the 83 shows of his long-running residency -- and Phish received one in 2017 after setting their famed "Baker's Dozen" record, where they did not repeat a song for 13 sold-out performances in a row.

To mark the occasion for Styles, MSG gifted a feather boa to every fan in the audience on Wednesday nightl.

Styles' latest string of "Love on Tour" shows has been filled with memorable moments, from paying tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II, to poking fun at his recent spitgate controversy, to adorably dodging rogue chicken nuggets thrown on stage, to helping a fan pull off a proposal, to leading a Happy Birthday singalong for pal James Corden

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