HBO Max's 'House of Ho' First Look: The Real 'Crazy Rich Asians' Gossip Over Possible New Beau (Exclusive)

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Crazy Rich Asians, the reality show? HBO Max's new docusoap, House of Ho, follows the Hos, a wealthy Vietnamese American family in Houston, Texas, as they go through power struggles and family drama surrounded by luxury.

Led by patriarch Binh and matriarch Hue, immigrants who achieved the American dream and built a multimillion-dollar empire in banking and real estate development, they attempt to control the lives of their children, son Washington and daughter Judy, who find themselves under pressure to live up to their parents' expectations. With Washington's wife Lesley, their kooky Aunt Tina and party girl cousin Sammy, there is never a dull moment at the Hos. 

In ET's exclusive sneak peek from the series, Aunt Tina drops by to do Lesley's hair. On the surface, it seems like an innocent, no-strings-attached family favor but as the clip shows, Aunt Tina has an ulterior motive: Get the dirt on Judy's potential new beau. Turns out, rumors are flying around town that Judy, who is divorced, may be seeing someone.

"In this family, information travels real fast. Everybody's obsessed with Judy's love life because that's the biggest thing that's happening in our family right now. And we're all just a little bit nosy," Lesley says to camera.

"I'm kind of nosy," Aunt Tina confirms. "I just want to see how cute he is, blah blah blah!" 

As Aunt Tina washes Lesley's hair, she continues to try and pry any morsel of gossip out of her, but Lesley stands firm because she's in the dark herself.

"She's going out more," she spills some tea, but Aunt Tina is disappointed by the info she's getting. "Do you know who it is? ... I don't know! I'm telling you the truth."

"You are her sister-in-law! You should hear about it!" Aunt Tina says annoyed. 

"Did you come over here to torture me? To torture secrets or something?" Lesley asks, as things get hilariously heated. Find out what happens in the clip above.

House of Ho drops Thursday, Dec. 10 on HBO Max.

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