Heidi Klum Addresses Harvey Weinstein Scandal After He's Stripped of 'Project Runway' Executive Producer Title

Heidi Klum and Harvey Weinstein
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"I think it would be hard to find a woman - myself included - who has not had an experience where they have felt intimidated or threatened by a man."

Heidi Klum finds the recent sexual harassment and assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein to be "horrible," but notes that the mistreatment of women isn't just an issue in Hollywood. 

On Friday, the 44-year-old supermodel was the latest celebrity to release a statement admonishing Weinstein's alleged behavior and praising the women that have brought these grievances to light.

"I wish I could say that the horrible stories I read about Harvey Weinstein are a rare occurrence in our society, but that is simply not the case," says Klum. "We would be naive to think that this behavior only happens in Hollywood. This is one example of the more pervasive problem of the mistreatment of women around the world."

She goes on to admit that she too has been harassed over the course of her career, stating: "I think it would be hard to find a woman -- myself included -- who has not had an experience where they have felt intimidated or threatened by a man using his power, position or his physical stature."

Klum concludes her statement by paying tribute to the women who spoke out against Weinstein. "I truly admire these brave women who are coming forward to share their stories because change can not come unless there is a dialogue and people are held accountable."

Her statement comes just one day after Deadline reported that Weinstein would no longer be named as an executive producer in the credits of Project Runway, the Lifetime show that Klum hosts.

Since 2012, the 65-year-old movie mogul's former studio, The Weinstein Company, has been co-producing the program along with Bunim-Murray Productions.

Weinstein's wife, Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman, who announced she was leaving him on Tuesday, has often served as a guest judge since the start of the series. 

Since The New York Times story was released last week, where eight women accused Weinstein of sexual harassment, celebrities have been speaking out against such behavior.

Some actresses -- including Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie -- have even gone on to claim that they too were sexually harassed by Weinstein.

On Thursday, Kate Beckinsale also recalled a disturbing incident with Weinstein that she claims occurred when she was only a 17-year-old girl.

Here's her story: