Henry Golding Shows Off His Swordsmanship in 'Snake Eyes' Deleted Scene (Exclusive)

'Morning Light is one of the most iconic swords out there,' Golding told ET.

Henry Golding put in the blood, sweat and tears training for Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins, so why not show off a little? "I've been waiting for something to really sort of throw myself at physically," he told ET, "and [this was] quite the movie to jump in at the deep end with."

This being his origin story, Snake Eyes doesn't start out as the ninja master of Saturday morning cartoons. That comes thanks to the ancient Arashikage clan, and ET is exclusively debuting a deleted scene that shows Golding's fledgling warrior perfecting his swordsmanship. Watch the clip above.

Snake Eyes is now available digitally and on demand before arriving on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD on Oct. 19, featuring more deleted scenes and an all-new short film, "Morning Light: A Weapon With Stories to Tell," that reveals the secrets of Snake Eyes' go-to weapon.

"For me, Morning Light is one of the most iconic swords out there," Golding said. "But sadly, there was literally one hero sword, which took some poor sod weeks of hours to make, so I couldn't lift that. Because they were like, 'Well, we might need it for the next movie.'"