Here's Your First Look at Hallmark's Groundbreaking Romance 'Color My World With Love' (Exclusive)

Erica Durance and Lily D. Moore star in the upcoming Hallmark Movies & Mysteries original.

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries' new romance, Color My World With Loveis a groundbreaking love story centered around lead characters with Down syndrome. Never Have I Ever's Lily D. Moore stars in the upcoming original movie, alongside Erica Durance, Benjamin Ayres and David DeSanctis. Only ET premieres the exclusive first look of the official promo, which begins running on Hallmark this Sunday.

Color My World With Love follows Kendall (Moore), a talented artist with Down syndrome who, thanks to the support of her mother, Emma (Durance), and grandmother, Bev (Karen Kruper), is happy and thriving. Her life takes an exciting turn when she meets Brad (DeSanctis) in a cooking class at the local center for diverse learners and romance blooms. Emma has spent the last 22 years trying to protect her daughter and has reservations about this new relationship, especially when it quickly moves in a serious direction. With the help of Nic (Ayres), a longtime family friend of Brad’s, Emma slowly accepts that Kendall is ready to -- and should -- live her own life.

In the promo, Kendall breaks the news to her mother that she's fallen in love with Brad. But her mom, Emma, is worried about what this could mean for her daughter, as she laments to her own mother that her entire life has been spent protecting Kendall from the world. 

"You cannot protect her love. Do you really want to?" Bev asks Emma.

Later, after Kendall turns down her mother's company on a date with Brad, Nic tells Emma she needs "to have some faith."

"I have always had faith in my daughter," an emotional Emma responds.

"Faith in them," Nic clarifies.

Will she find the strength to let go and see her daughter fall in love? 

Color My World With Love premieres Sunday, June 12 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

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