Hilaria Baldwin Reveals Son Rafael Broke His Arm 'Really Badly'

The mom and model took to Instagram to share that her and Alec Baldwin's son broke his arm Wednesday.

Hilaria Baldwin's heart is breaking for her son, Rafael. Hilaria took Instagram early Thursday morning to share that her and Alec Baldwin's 6-year-old son broke his arm "really badly" while playing at the park.

In the touching post, the mom and model detailed Wednesday's events and shared some photos from Rafael's emergency room visit with his dad, Alec, as well as his return home, where he showed off his cast to his brothers.

"Rafa broke his arm really badly yesterday, playing at the park. You will see him with a cast for quite a while now, so I wanted to give you a heads up. Thank you Lennox Hill emergency room for taking such good care of our baby. So grateful to the doctors and the nurses for your expertise and kindness. This is a part of being a parent that is so heartbreaking," Hilaria began. 

Though shaken up, the parents made a bed for little Rafael on the floor of their bedroom so they could monitor their son after he came home from the hospital.

"We were with the babies when it happened and to get that call makes your heart sink. His little voice on the phone, 'I want my mommy…' knowing even the 20 min to get to him is 20 min too long. To not be able to immediately take away their pain and fear…oooof nothing prepares us for this, right? We were at the hospital until pretty late and then we made a bed on our floor (wild sleeper, was afraid he might fall off our bed)," she continued. "How many times he called out for me last night, I do not know. At one point I heard him whispering to himself, recounting what happened, saying over and over: 'I broke my arm.'"

While relieved, Hilaria acknowledged that it will be a "long recovery road" for their son. 

"We are relieved that, while it will be a long recovery road, he is certainly on it 💕," she added.

In a sweet video, posted on his Instagram, the 64-year-old actor shared why he and Hilaria continue to have children.

In the clip, the soon-to-be father of eight's youngest child, 13-month-old Maria, smiles as she holds the camera.

“People ask why,” Alec wrote. “This is why. Being a parent is the ultimate journey.” 

In the video, the 30 Rock star can be heard off-camera asking his baby girl, “Who is that?” She then giggles.

In addition to Rafael and Maria, Alec and Hilaria, 38, are parents to Carmen, 8, Leonardo, 5, Romeo, 3, and 18-month-old Eduardo. Alec is also father to 26-year-old Ireland from his relationship with Kim Basinger. In March, Alec and Hilaria revealed that they are expecting their seventh child together.  

"We have 'somos un buen equipo' engraved on our wedding bands. We say that to each other all the time at home — that we're a good team," Alec and Hilaria told ET in a statement. "One of the most beautiful things my children have experienced with a big family is how the heart can grow with every new sibling. Our capacity to love continues to expand and we can't wait to embrace our new little one this fall!" 

In addition to the statement, Hilaria shared the news with a post on Instagram featuring Alec and all of their children. “After many ups and downs over the past few years, we have an exciting up and a huge surprise: another Baldwinito is coming this fall 💛,” she wrote next to a video of her surrounded by her children. “We were pretty sure our family was complete, and we’re beyond happy with this surprise. I’m sharing with you the moment we told the kids—as you can see, they are super excited! Our new baby is a very bright spot in our lives. A blessing and a gift during such uncertain times. I’ve missed you during my break from social media…I’m back and looking forward to continuing with you this wild journey that we call “life.” Our love to you and your loved ones ❤️.” 

A source told ET that Alec and Hilaria are “overwhelmingly excited” about their new addition. "The kids love being part of a big family and can't wait to meet their new sibling," the source said. "They feel like they're a big team." 

The source added that "Hilaria and Alec are doing great and absolutely love being parents. The family has an incredible bond. Everyone is overjoyed." 



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