Creating Santa's Sleigh for 'Arthur Christmas'


Logic would dictate that Santa Claus must have a lot of help in accomplishing his annual mission, from both human resources as well as technological. Acknowledging this, the creators of Arthur Christmas devised a few gadgets for Kris Kringle to make his job a little easier.

Starring James McAvoy, Hugh Laurie and Bill Nighy, the 3D-animated family comedy reveals the genius minds responsible for Santa's impossible annual operation.

"Everything about doing this role, or any animation, is the freedom of creativity that you have," said Eva Longoria, who provides the voice for Chief De Silva in the movie. "You get to really go big."

The Arthur Christmas animators gave full reign to their creativity as evidenced by the vast dimensions of Santa's sleigh, named the S1.

Arthur Christmas opens November 23. Watch the video for more.