Johnny Depp Out to Make Hunter S. Thompson Proud

Johnny Depp Out to Make Hunter S. Thompson Proud

Johnny Depp's passion project, The Rum Diary, hits theaters October 28. At the movie's New York premiere on Tuesday, the actor speculated on how his mentor Hunter S. Thompson would've responded to the new film, which was adapted from his classic book.

"[Hunter] would have given us a good review, I believe," said Johnny, who shared a bond with the legendary author before he died in 2005.

In The Rum Diary, Depp plays Hunter's alter-ego Paul Kemp, a roving New York City journalist in the Eisenhower era who escapes to pristine Puerto Rico for a gig at the local, run-down newspaper, The San Juan Star. In between gallons of rum and LSD trips, Kemp soon becomes obsessed with the incredibly attractive Connecticut-born fiancee (Amber Heard) of Sanderson, a shady American entrepreneur (Aaron Eckhart).

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When Kemp discovers that Sanderson and his cohorts are looking to convert the country into a capitalist paradise for the wealthy, he's faced with helping to promote their corrupt scheme -- or take them down, big time.

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