'Marilyn' Stars Wouldn't Ask Her a Thing


During the My Week With Marilyn premiere in New York last night, we quizzed the stars on what they’d ask the iconic actress, but found the night’s leading lady - Oscar hopeful Michelle Williams - mum on the subject!

"The truth is, I wouldn't want to ask her anything," Williams said on the red carpet outside of the Paris Theater. "I feel like she's been [so] picked apart and written about, I would just want to let her be."

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The film, which focuses on the week where Monroe was escorted around Britain by Colin Clark (employee of Sir Laurence Olivier) during the production of The Prince and the Showgirl, sheds new light on the late actress and her image that was beyond words.

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"Some of it I think is indescribable," Williams said. "Sheerly indescribable, which is what makes her so timeless."

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Hear more from the cast regarding their admiration for Monroe in the video! Catch My Week With Marilyn when it arrives in theaters November 23.