Tom's Extravagant 'Mission: Impossible' Premiere


No expense was spared at the glamorous Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol premiere in Dubai, where Tom Cruise and the film's stars walked a massive red carpet the length of almost two football fields, much to the delight of hundreds of fans and international press.

Cruise stopped to chat with ET's Mark Steines, and the superstar brushed off the death-defying stunts he pulls off in the action-packed film.

"The guy will do anything to entertain," Cruise said with a smile.

But are all the nail-biting scenes too much to handle for his now 5-year-old daughter Suri?

On the contrary -- Cruise shared that the notoriously stylish toddler actually requested stories from the film, and even hums the catchy Mission: Impossible theme song.

"She's been going around humming this tune," Cruise laughed. "She likes me to tell her stories of my movies. So even when I'm working on it, I'll swing her on the swing, you know I'll come home at night, and she'll say, 'Tell me the story.' ... It helps me actually, because I keep telling the story over and over and I get ideas when I'm telling her the story."

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Co-star Simon Pegg also talked to ET about how close the cast is -- particularly he and Jeremy Renner.

"[We] went out a lot together," Pegg admitted. "Jeremy is a very well-behaved young man," he joked, when questioned about any possible late night shenanigans to come from the two. "Nominated for two Oscars!"

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A fellow franchise newcomer who lit up the red carpet was Paula Patton, who looked stunning in a red Andrew Gn gown, and commented on Cruise's famous can-do attitude.

"Listen, Tom does that all the time, he's a team player," Patton said about a reported incident on set when Cruise wiped the windows himself before a scene. "He's like, 'Let me move the props, c'mon!' You know, he always digs in. He's not too good for anything. He's wonderful that way."

Check out the video for more from the blockbuster film's cast at their fabulous Dubai premiere, including what Cruise hopes the audience's reaction will be to the franchise's fourth installment.