'Young Adult' Stars Talk High School Days


Director Jason Reitman and writer Diablo Cody's highly anticipated Young Adult premiered in NYC last night, where the film's stars took ET back to their high school days.

Charlize Theron revealed that although she wasn't a hit with the boys in her high school days because "boys just don't find glasses attractive", she also didn't have the "mean girls" experience.

"It was an art school in South Africa," she said about her high school. "It was way more mellow. We didn't have girls like Mavis [her character in the film] really."

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Co-star Patrick Wilson enjoyed the best of both worlds growing up, seeing that he was both a jock and a "theater guy."

"I went to a very small school," Wilson explained. "I was always sort of juggling. I had the jock friends and then I'd go with my theater friends, so ..."

Perhaps most surprising was The Twilight Saga's Elizabeth Reaser, who revealed that she was quite the troublemaker growing up.

"I was a bad girl. I ran away from home," she remembered. "I never went to school, I told everyone to you know, eff off. I was out of control."

And who is she now?
"I don't know. I'm still trying to figure it out," she laughed.

Check out the video to hear Cody and Reitman talk about their upcoming projects in the new year, and to hear their thoughts on Theron's buzz-worthy performance in the film.

Young Adult opens in theaters today.

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