Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie on Their Favorite Celeb Interview and If They Ever Wanted a Do-Over (Exclusive)

The 'Today' anchors were honored at the 2022 Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame Awards.

Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie have done a lot of interviews during their time on Today. Still, it doesn’t mean that the veteran journalists don't get a little starstruck every now and then. For Guthrie, one of her biggest moments was when she got to fangirl over rock band Duran Duran.  

“It’s crazy because once you're there, you can't even honestly summon the feelings that you would’ve had if you had told your 12-year-old self,” Guthrie told ET last week during the 2022 Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame Awards in New York City.  

“You did. You geeked out,” Kotb noted.  

“I would be like a puddle on the floor. I was kind of a puddle,” Guthrie added.  

For Kotb, her moment came when it was time for her to interview Queen Bey. “I think seeing Beyoncé perform and doing an interview, just stuff like that. It’s like you see them from afar and all of a sudden, they walk in and they’re real and they’re human and sometimes they’re quiet and they feel a little insecure and you like them more. Like, there’s something cool about that,” she said.  

While the women -- who were honored for their work during the ceremony -- have been working in journalism for years, there’s still moments when they feel that they need a “do-over.”  

“I mean, every single week and every single day there is something that we could have done better, but the good thing about our show is, you do it and it's done. You take the lesson and go to the next,” Kotb said. “If you obsess, it will really be a hard road for you. So we just know tomorrow we get a new shot. Imagine if someone said every day you get a brand-new shot. So we get ours.”  

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images


Guthrie added, "It's like we do the daily news, we do our best, sometimes we mess up and then there's a new day and we get to try again.” 

And when it comes to passing along a message to their children, the two hosts agree, it’s all about working hard.

“I think it's going to be cool because we keep trying to reinforce to our girls and your son that you can do anything,” Kotb said. “I think wishing for an award or hoping for an award never brings an award. Do what you do and what comes, comes and I think that's sort of what we like to teach them. It’s not about work hard or maybe you’ll get this shiny thing. It's just work hard.”