Hoda Kotb Shares New Wedding Update After Having to Postpone Amid Coronavirus (Exclusive)

The 'Today' show co-host tells ET whether she's picked a new date yet.

Hoda Kotb still plans to say "I do" to Joel Schiffman, despite having to put their destination wedding on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.

While speaking to ET via FaceTime on Tuesday, the Today show co-host shared an update on what it's been like trying to plan her nuptials amid ongoing concerns over COVID-19.

"We did have to officially postpone it, which was a super bummer, because it was going to involve people getting on planes," Kotb confirmed to ET's Rachel Smith. "We haven't picked our new date. We're just waiting to see what is what with everything."

"And, look, it's just like the show. I don't care where we do it, as long as we do it," she continued. "I want our friends and family to be there, obviously, but the location is kinda secondary."

Kotb said she's "slowing down" the wedding planning for now, just because so much is still in the air with the coronavirus. It's difficult to plan anything when health and safety measures are constantly changing, and differ from state to state.

"I think we'll probably go a little later than we anticipated, as opposed to going earlier," she said. 

Earlier in the interview, Kotb also opened up to ET about reaching out to her close friend and former Today show co-host, Kathie Lee Gifford, following the death of Gifford's beloved pal of 35 years, Regis Philbin. 

"I called Kathie after his passing and she talked about how he had been frail when he had last seen her but all she could think about were these years and years of the richness that they had together," she shared. "He said the best years of his professional life were the ones spent with Kath, and I just thought to myself, 'Wow.' Anybody who met Reege -- you met him a million times, loved him."

"I think, you know, what strikes me when I think of him coming in this studio is how he belonged with us," she added. "And when I say us, I don't just mean Kathie Lee, Jenna and me -- our people who are on-air -- he belonged with the crew. Like, he delighted in entertaining people. Didn't matter if cameras were on or off and he always kind of led with kindness and he always just seemed happy to be there."

Hear more from Kotb in the video below.